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SEAL Brotherhood

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About the SEAL Brotherhood Series

Warriors with hearts as big as the ocean. From all backgrounds, the Teams make them a brotherhood.

Each book in this series is about a different couple, starting with SEAL Team 3 LPO, Kyle Lansdowne. One by one the reader gets introduced to different members of Kyle’s squad, as they take on missions and “Save The Day” both abroad and on U.S. soil. Coming from different backgrounds and cultures, they blend together to make the heart of this SEAL Team unit. These are the original first books in Sharon’s SEAL collection, and a great place to begin as a new reader.

Accidental SEAL a SEAL Brotherhood Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Christy Nelson embarks on her new career in Real Estate by holding her first open house. Entering the wrong house, by accident, she finds the nude sleeping body of a young man. Navy SEAL Kyle Lansdowne, on a mission to…

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a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

This is a short piece written to introduce you to my characters, Kyle and Christy. It is a small investment of time and money on your part, like the first course to a much larger meal. This is a private…

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Fallen SEAL Legacy a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Nebraska born and bred Navy SEAL Calvin “Coop” Cooper, after his own family has perished in a tornado, is ordered to meet the family of a prominent San Diego psychiatrist. The doctor's brother is a fallen SEAL medic who died…

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SEAL Endeavor a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

This is a short story introducing the main characters of Fallen SEAL Legacy, U.S. Navy SEAL Calvin Cooper and Libby Brownlee. They have a chance almost-encounter in Monterey. Cooper and his best SEAL Team 3 buddy, Fredo, are on a…

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SEAL Under Covers a SEAL Brotherhood Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Navy SEAL Armando Guzman has just returned from a difficult tour in Afghanistan only to find his sister still making choices that land her in the company of a San Diego drug gang. Vowing he will save her from the…

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SEAL the Deal a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Special Operator Nick Dunn gets the call he has been dreading since before his last deployment. His sister is in her final stages of cancer. He and his Team 3 roommate drive up to Sonoma County from Coronado to help…

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Cruisin' for a SEAL a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Mark Beale and several of his brothers from SEAL Team 3 board a cruise ship to bury a fallen buddy's ashes at sea. A risky affair with a beautiful Italian the night before they leave begins to ease his survivor's…

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Ultimate SEAL Collection - Volume One by Author Sharon Hamilton

C ontains the first four full-length books in the original SEAL Brotherhood Series, beginning with the book that launched Sharon as a writer of Military Romantic Suspense, Accidental SEAL. Contained in this bundle are also two novellas. Sharon recommends readers…

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SEAL My Destiny a SEAL Brotherhood Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Navy SEAL Luke Paulsen, on the verge of PTSD stemming from the death of his fiancée and a brutal tour overseas, knows he is damaged goods and unsuitable for relationships. While paying respects to a fallen comrade, he is unprepared…

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SEAL of My Heart a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Kate Morgan is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in Sonoma County, the son of a wealthy wine family in Healdsburg, California. On a flight to visit her sister in Portland she is seated next to a young hard-bodied elite…

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Ultimate SEAL Collection - Volume Two by Author Sharon Hamilton

C ontinue on with the original SEAL Brotherhood Series with full-length Books 5-9, including: Cruisin’ For A SEAL, Book #5 SEAL My Destiny, Book #6 SEAL Of My Heart, Book #7 Fredo's Dream, Book #8 SEAL My Love, Book #9

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Fredo's Dream a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Navy SEAL Alphonso Manuel Esquidido “Fredo” Chavez has the heart of a lion and would do anything to protect and honor his beautiful bride, Mia. He'd fought for her love tirelessly, even after his Team buddies suggested he give up.…

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SEAL My Love a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

A continuation of SEAL My Love novella, which appeared in the anthology Tropical Tryst. Navy SEAL Trace Bennett has recovered from injuries he sustained while rescuing Gretchen’s daughter, Clover, from kidnappers. The man who “wouldn’t let go” finds himself now…

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