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Shadow Seals

About the Shadow Seals

The Shadow SEALs were once the best of the best, recruited from obscurity after their fall from grace to work in the shadows, enacting justice upon our enemies and protecting those caught in the crosshairs by any means necessary. Read the series to follow their stories!

Bachelor SEAL a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Sleeper SEALs are former U.S. Navy SEALs recruited by a new CIA counter-terror division to conduct solo dark ops missions to combat terrorism on US soil. Medically discharged from the Teams, notorious bachelor SEAL, Morgan Hansen, is approached to lead…

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SEAL Love's Legacy a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

A thrilling race against time haunted by loss and love from the past. Former SEAL Commander Garrett Tierney must stop a crazed cult leader planning a Doomsday event, targeting the President’s family. He leads a new DHS multi-agency task force,…

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Shadow of the Heart a Shadow SEAL Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

A man broken by service to his country… Betrayed by the system who trained him… A chance at a HEA gone forever, her life slipping through his fingers… She was going to be Brady Rogers’ forever woman, but she was…

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Shadow Warrior Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

F ollowing Maggie’s harrowing rescue, former SEAL Brady Rogers wants to finally settle down, drop his weapons and assume the role of husband, father, and country farmer. But Maggie isn’t done saving exploited women from abuse at the hands of…

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Shadow SEALs Authors

Shadow Pawn Book by Author Cat Johnson
Shadow Assassin Book by Author Elle James
Shadow in the Desert Book by Author Becca Jameson
Shadow in the Mountain Book by Author Kalyn Cooper
Shadow of a Chance Book by Author Donna Michaels
Shadow of the Moon Book by Author J.M. Madden
Shadow of the Heart Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
Shadow Defender Book by Author Desiree Holt
Not My Shadow Book by Author Elaine Levine
Cast in Shadows Book by Author Abbie Zanders
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