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Silver Rescue a SEAL Brotherhood Sliver Team Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
Strength & Honor Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
Loving Harper a SEAL Brotherhood Sliver Team Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
Something about Silver a Seals Brotherhood Book Sliver Team by Author Sharon Hamilton

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Strength & Honor Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Out Now

Strength & Honor

Charity Anthology Collection of short stories by NYT, USA/Today and Award-Winning authors, supporting Stop Soldier Suicide. Veteran founded, Veteran led and Veteran focused organization, founded in 2010 by U.S. Army veterans Brian Kinsella, Nick Black, and Craig Gridelli. Stop Soldier Suicide is a nonprofit organization that combats military suicides by addressing underlying issues such as mental health, financial strain, and the difficulties of transitioning to civilian life. Their wellness service, ROGER, provides personalized, confidential support aimed at suicide prevention, embodying the founders’ personal commitment to changing the narrative around veteran suicide.

Silver Rescue a SEAL Brotherhood Sliver Team Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Out Now

Silver Rescue

Former SEAL Hamish McDougal and the rest of Silver Team are tasked with uprooting and eliminating an immigrant smuggling operation that trafficks young teens at the southern border. They are aware of this group’s international ties to larger groups outside the US, but they soon discover an unlikely US connection which makes their mission even more dangerous.

Loving Harper a SEAL Brotherhood Sliver Team Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Out Now

Loving Harper

Shattered Dreams Become Second-Chance Real Love…

After surviving a sniper’s bullet in North Africa, Lydia Cunningham is back in Sonoma County, piecing together her life with Harper, the man she once loved deeply. The challenge? Her memories of their past are lost and fragmented, yet her feelings for Harper are sprinting ahead of her slow-returning recall. It’s a race between her heart and her memory, and she’s not sure which will cross the finish line first.

Shadow of the Past Book by Author Sharon Hamilton


Shadows Of The Past

NYT Bestselling author Sharon Hamilton tells the second chance story of Dimitri Kyriakos, former Navy SEAL and State Department Special Agent. His specialty is in hostage rescue. Dedicated to protecting the innocent at all costs, he has failed at two marriages, and considers himself a permanent bachelor. He learns that his first love, Moira Conti, an embedded news reporter who was thought to be killed in a botched rescue by another SEAL Team over two years ago, may still be alive.

Read as Kyriakos investigates and tracks the paramilitary leader blamed for her death. As harsh truths are laid bare, Kyriakos deals with the realities of mafia and families at war, collateral damage, honor, and sacrifice. His mission will take him unexpected places and may cost him everything. But dead or alive, finding, or avenging Moira is worth the ultimate sacrifice.


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A chance encounter sets off a chain of events that will test Kyle and Christy's limits in "Accidental SEAL" now. #SteamyRead #LoveTales #Romance #RomanticTale @sharonlhamilton Buy Now -->

Join Harper Cunningham on a journey of self-discovery and second chances in "Something About Silver" now. #GrippingTale #Series #NewRelease #RomanticSuspense @sharonlhamilton Buy Now -->

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