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Sunset SEALs

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About the Sunset SEALs Series

The beach heals everything. Magical Gulf Coast of Florida is the setting for these romantic themes of love, loyalty, second chance love, family and heritage.

Each of these stories takes place in the mythical setting based on the real Sunset Beach area of Florida, on the beautiful Gulf Coast, where the beach is wide and sugary-white, the sunsets to die for and the best part of the day is to stand and to watch them. Some come to run away. Some come to forget their worries and have some mindless beach time. Some tend to the beachcombers and drifters who wander through their hometown. Everyone finds love and connection at Sunset Beach and a part of them will always stay there.

SEALed at Sunset a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

He’s in Love with his best friend’s girl Navy SEAL Andrew Carr needs a lot of mindless beach time as he comes home from his first deployment. He visits a friend he met in BUD/S at a small Florida coastal…

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Second Chance SEAL a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Navy SEAL Damon Hamblin’s life is in turmoil after he’s served with divorce papers during his last deployment. He crashes into a sleepy Florida Gulf Coast town to drown his sorrows and just fade into the background, where no one…

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Treasure Island SEAL a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Navy SEAL Ned Silver is lured to the Florida gulf coast by the friend of his fathers, a former Navy diver now turned treasure hunter. Between deployments, S.O. Silver is addicted to adventure, and searching for pirate booty is right…

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Escape to Sunset a Sunset SEAL Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

N avy SEAL Jason Kealoha comes to Sunset Beach to release the ashes of his SEAL brother, who was killed in an attack in Nigeria. A Pacific Islander by lineage, Jason is unfamiliar with the Gulf Coast shores his buddy…

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The House at Sunset Beach a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

SEAL Team 3 member Andy Carr is liking his Florida digs - the call of the seabirds and the roaring of the ocean at his back door. Sunset Beach is also the place where he found his soulmate, Aimee, rescuing…

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Second Chance Reunion t a Sunset SEAL Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

A baby given up for adoption… This second chance couple learns the true meaning of Family… Like the Brotherhood…no one gets left behind. As the daughter they gave up for adoption 12 years ago comes back into their lives, Damon…

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Sunset Seal Duet #1 Book Collection by Author Sharon Hamilton

Wow! Now you can follow the story of Aimee and Andy Carr, when they meet, and their explosive chemistry you read in Book 1 of the Sunset SEALs Series, SEALed At Sunset, and their continuation story with The House at…

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Sunset SEALs book bundle by author Sharon Hamilton

This collection features the first book in three of my most popular Sunset SEALs series: SEALed At Sunset Second Chance SEAL Treasure Island SEAL Escape to Sunset SEALed At Sunset (Sunset SEALs, Book 1) He’s in Love with his best…

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Love Treasure Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Love Blooms. Danger Looms. One year has passed since Navy SEAL Ned Silver found the love of his life, his mermaid, Madison, in the beautiful waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast. The two of them have embarked on two great adventures:…

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Finding Home a Sunset SEAL Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

A life of service to the SEAL Brotherhood and his country to protect the innocent. A life of honor finding and exposing victims of human trafficking —and finding love in the middle! A year has passed after the dangerous adventures…

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sharon hamilton sunset seals book bundle cover

This book bundle features books 5-8 of my most popular Sunset SEALs series: House at Sunset Beach Second Chance Reunion Love's Treasure Finding Home House at Sunset Beach (Sunset SEALs, Book 5) SEAL Team 3 member Andy Carr is liking…

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