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Treasure Island SEAL

Sunset SEALs (Book 3)

Treasure Island SEAL a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Navy SEAL Ned Silver is lured to the Florida gulf coast by the friend of his fathers, a former Navy diver now turned treasure hunter. Between deployments, S.O. Silver is addicted to adventure, and searching for pirate booty is right up his alley. What he hasn’t counted on is that his net has  also captured a local mermaid.

Madison Montgomery has done freelance underwater modeling and film work, but she’s also an experienced scuba diver. Between jobs, she tends a salty beach bar catering to whatever the sea blows in. She’s unprepared when her heart is hooked on the muscled beach bum she’s hired to work with on a treasure dive.

As their underwater love affair smolders like a hyperbaric welding torch, the pair will have to discover who is captain and who is captured.


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