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Golden Vampires of Tuscany

Blood never lies..

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Honeymoon Bite A Book By Author Sharon Hamilton

Anne caught her husband cheating with the maid of honor before their wedding cake was cut. She decided to take her planned, and paid for, honeymoon in Tuscany, alone. On the evening of what was to be her wedding night,…

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Mortal Bite A Book By Author Sharon Hamilton

Golden Vampire Paolo Monteleone begins raising a son he did not know he fathered, after the murder of the boy’s mother. He meets a beautiful human college professor, Carabella Sampson, at a Halloween costume ball. She is an expert on…

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Christmas Bite A Book By Author Sharon Hamilton

He is the eldest brother of three orphaned dark vampire waifs, bound by a lifetime vow of service to protect the offspring of the Golden Vampire Monteleone family. This is a debt that Lionel Jett can never discharge. Phoebe Monteleone…

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Midnight Bite A Book By Author Sharon Hamilton

He’s her husband by convenience. But their love is real. They’re of two different species in a union they’re not allowed to consummate. But somehow, they’ll find their way to a Happily Ever After… Is being together worth giving up…

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