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Silver Team

About the Silver Team

Former Navy SEALs, as they age out and are forced to face the reality of their age and physical condition, are tasked with continuing in the service of their country, once again called to a special super-secret SEAL Team Silver group. The conflicts around the world continue, even as the years weigh heavily on their bodies. Their minds are sharp and their experience level dealing with purging evil who threaten free peoples all over the globe grows with time. When asked, they cannot help but accept the new challenge.

They are never out of the fight. Not until they eradicate evil from the planet.

New stand-alone series, using new as well as old characters from all of Sharon Hamilton’s previous SEAL series.

Something about Silver a Seals Brotherhood Book Sliver Team by Author Sharon Hamilton

A relentless sniper, a love once lost, and a battle-scarred SEAL at a crossroads… Harper Cunningham, a seasoned member of SEAL Team 3, thrives in the brotherhood of the battlefield but shuns the mantle of leadership after clashes with high-ranking…

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Loving Harper a SEAL Brotherhood Sliver Team Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Shattered Dreams Become Second-Chance Real Love… After surviving a sniper's bullet in North Africa, Lydia Cunningham is back in Sonoma County, piecing together her life with Harper, the man she once loved deeply. The challenge? Her memories of their past…

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Silver Rescue a SEAL Brotherhood Sliver Team Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Former SEAL Hamish McDougal and the rest of Silver Team are tasked with uprooting and eliminating an immigrant smuggling operation that trafficks young teens at the southern border. They are aware of this group’s international ties to larger groups outside…

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