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Something About Silver

Something about Silver a Seals Brotherhood Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

A relentless sniper, a love once lost, and a battle-scarred SEAL at a crossroads…

Harper Cunningham, a seasoned member of SEAL Team 3, thrives in the brotherhood of the battlefield but shuns the mantle of leadership after clashes with high-ranking officers. His heart, buried under the scars of war, still mourns Lydia, the woman he loved and lost to a sniper’s bullet in North Africa—a loss that haunts his every mission.

Yet fate has a twist in store. Tasked with leading a special Silver Team, a unit of experienced SEALs, Harper is drawn into a high-stakes mission to preempt emerging terrorist threats. The mission takes an unexpected turn when he uncovers a startling truth: the sniper he killed in retribution was the wrong man.

As Harper navigates this dangerous new landscape, a stunning revelation upends his world—Lydia is alive. Torn between the path of revenge and the rekindling of an old flame, Harper stands at a crossroads, where every choice leads to irrevocable consequences. In this high-octane tale of loyalty, betrayal, and undying love, will Harper find his way to redemption, or will the shadows of the past consume his future?

Follow Harper in Book 1 of Sharon Hamilton’s brand new SEAL Brotherhood series, with a whole new cast of characters, and the emergence of many you’ve loved from her past stories.


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Something about Silver a Seals Brotherhood Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
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