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Loving Harper

loving harper

Shattered Dreams Become Second-Chance Real Love…

After surviving a sniper’s bullet in North Africa, Lydia Cunningham is back in Sonoma County, piecing together her life with Harper, the man she once loved deeply. The challenge? Her memories of their past are lost and fragmented, yet her feelings for Harper are sprinting ahead of her slow-returning recall. It’s a race between her heart and her memory, and she’s not sure which will cross the finish line first.

Harper, now leading the elite Silver Team, is caught up in a whirlwind of dangerous missions, making it tough to be the partner Lydia needs. The distance his job creates is only making their attempt at rekindling things more complicated.

The emergence of a newly-formed terrorist cell uncovered nearby, now targeting Lydia, puts everything into perspective. Harper faces a critical decision: Is it safer for Lydia to live far from the chaos that surrounds him, or must he fight for her safety as well as win her heart again, risking everything?

As they navigate the treacherous waters of reconciliation and rediscovery, Lydia and Harper confront the true meaning of love and sacrifice. In this gripping second book in the SEAL Brotherhood: Silver Team series, their love will be tested to the breaking point. Is the journey towards healing a cost too dear to pay if it demands the ultimate sacrifice?


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loving harper
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