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Sunset SEALs- Book Bundle

Sunset SEALs book bundle by author Sharon Hamilton

This collection features the first book in three of my most popular Sunset SEALs series:

SEALed At Sunset
Second Chance SEAL
Treasure Island SEAL
Escape to Sunset

SEALed At Sunset (Sunset SEALs, Book 1)
He’s in Love with his best friend’s girl
Navy SEAL Andrew Carr needs a lot of mindless beach time as he comes home from his first deployment. He visits a friend he met in BUD/S at a small Florida coastal town. But what he finds is something he cannot have: another SEAL brother’s girl.
Aimee Greer is running from the stress in her life, and knows the beach, and the arms of her hot new boyfriend should do the trick. But when Andrew Carr comes to visit, she’s not prepared for the explosive chemistry that develops between them.
When Carr is forced to defend her from her past, she realizes she has found the one she’s been searching for her whole life.

Second Chance SEAL (Sunset SEALs, Book 2)
Navy SEAL Damon Hamblin’s life is in turmoil after he’s served with divorce papers during his last deployment. He crashes into a sleepy Florida Gulf Coast town to drown his sorrows and just fade into the background, where no one knows him and he can drink, surf and lay out on the beach until his insides heal. The last thing he wants is to rebound into another relationship.
Martel Long came to Sunset Beach five years ago to visit a friend, and never left. She’s tried to forget the man who broke her heart back home, and had been doing a good job of it, until she comes face to face with him at a Bachelorette party for her best friend at a local beach bar.
As sparks fly and old wounds are torn open, the sands at Sunset Beach help to heal a beautiful love story that could have been, and will be again.

Treasure Island SEAL (Sunset SEALs, Book 3)
Navy SEAL Ned Silver is lured to the Florida gulf coast by the friend of his fathers, a former Navy diver now turned treasure hunter. Between deployments, S.O. Silver is addicted to adventure, and searching for pirate booty is right up his alley. What he hasn’t counted on is that his net has also captured a local mermaid.
Madison Montgomery has done freelance underwater modeling and film work, but she’s also an experienced scuba diver. Between jobs, she tends a salty beach bar catering to whatever the sea blows in. She’s unprepared when her heart is hooked on the muscled beach bum she’s hired to work with on a treasure dive.
As their underwater love affair smolders like a hyperbaric welding torch, the pair will have to discover who is captain and who is captured.

Escape to Sunset (Sunset SEALs, Book 4)
Navy SEAL Jason Kealoha comes to Sunset Beach to release the ashes of his SEAL brother, who was killed in an attack in Nigeria. A Pacific Islander by lineage, Jason is unfamiliar with the Gulf Coast shores his buddy grew up playing in as a child. He befriends a beauty one night at sunset, as she roams the surf, skipping shells, lost in her own world.
Kiley Worthington is on the run from a sex trafficking cartel she stumbled upon as an investigative reporter in Portland. She decides hiding out in her sleepy beach hometown in Florida makes sense until she can figure out where she can spend the rest of her life in safety. The one-night stand was nice, but the last thing she needs is a huge tatted overly-protective guy who won’t leave her alone. His attitude is all hardboiled, but his lips are warm and seductive. If she’s not careful, she may never escape.
But Jason turns out to be the right kind of wrong for Kiley, as her enemies find her. In Jason’s arms she finds a true sanctuary, as well as a safe place to hide forever amongst the white sand beaches and golden sunsets of the Florida coastline.

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