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seals brother hood legacy volume 2

Last five books in the SEAL Brotherhood: Legacy series, this bundle includes the following full-length novels:

Cruisin For Love: Mark and Sophia celebrate their ten years of marriage at a place where it all began: on a cruise ship. The first one was exciting enough when pirates attempted to take over the ship. But this second cruise, now with their daughters in tow, proves to be even more dangerous. A Christmas story, for those who believe in the miracle of love.

Destiny of Love: The heart has no limits. Love grows from tragedy. Luke and Julie adopt his sister’s and her brother’s three children after their parents are killed. With this new expanded family comes challenges, ending in a satisfying Happily Ever After.

Heart of Gold: Revenge is a fickle lover. Tyler has been a Navy SEAL for nearly ten years and he’s wearing out. The prospect of doing another re-up has him worried that his body is too banged up. But an enemy from the past has appeared in the shadows, forcing Tyler to make a decision that might ruin his arriage, and cost him his cherished family.

Father’s Dream: Navy SEAL Fredo Sanchez and his wife, Mia, learn how far their love will stretch to include an unloved orphan, abandoned and abused. They open their hearts to this little one, only to find the whole world bloom in unexpected ways.

Second Time Love: On the eve of his stepdaughter’s wedding, Navy SEAL Trace Bennett receives an urgent cry for help from an unexpected source–the bride’s father, Tony, his wife’s ex-husband, who is about to be released from prison. Minding Tony is almost as dangerous as going on a mission overseas.

Best reading order: SEAL Brotherhood: Legacy, Volume 1.

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seals brother hood legacy volume 2
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seal brotherhood legacy volume 2
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