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destiny of love book cover

The heart has no limits. Love grows from tragedy.

Luke and Julie adopt his sister’s and her brother’s three children after their parents are killed in a traffic accident. Suddenly, their finances take center stage as they embrace their new blended family just at the point where Luke had been planning to leave the Teams and Julie was in line for a big promotion.

But being a man of action with a somewhat fragile ego, will assuming the role of stay-at-home dad, cleaning house and wearing an apron fill the billet while Julie becomes the sole breadwinner?

And what happens when an investigation into the car accident reveals perhaps it wasn’t? As danger lurks all around them, Luke discovers his new unexpected role of family protector is one he’s been rehearsing for a decade.

He’s made for this job!

SEAL Brotherhood: Legacy Series is a return to previously loved couples in the original SEAL Brotherhood Series, ten years into the future.

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Books in the Series

heart of gold book cover by sharon hamilton
destiny of love book cover
seal brotherhood legacy
cruisin for love feature image
Deal with the Devil a SEALs Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
Grave Injustice a SEALs Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
Honor the Fallen a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
Watery Grave a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton
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