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Second Time Love

second time love by Sharon Hamilton book cover

On the eve of his stepdaughter’s wedding, Navy SEAL Trace Bennett receives an urgent cry for help from an unexpected source—the bride’s father, Tony, his wife’s ex-husband who is about to be released from prison.

As the celebration ends, Trace rushes to Portland to aid Tony, a former NBA star who has fallen from grace.

Weeks later, while Gretchen and the girls remain in San Diego, Trace deploys with SEAL Team 3 to the Canary Islands and North Africa. From across the globe, Trace’s contacts uncover a sinister group known as “The Organization,” who operate a dark network involved in gambling, child prostitution, and human trafficking. This group targets Tony to settle old gambling debts, but now they also threaten to harm Trace’s family while he’s overseas.

As the situation intensifies, Trace must find a way to safeguard his loved ones and take down this vile organization, all without compromising his principles or his SEAL integrity. Racing against time, he battles to protect his family and eradicate the evil that preys on those he cherishes.

This captivating novel is a tale of second-time love, even sweeter than before. It continues the gripping saga from “SEAL My Love,” Book 9 of the original SEAL Brotherhood Series, which narrates the heartwarming journey of how Trace and Gretchen found each other, leading to him becoming the loving father and husband that they truly deserved.

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