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Heart of Gold

heart of gold book cover by sharon hamilton

Revenge is a fickle lover.

Tyler has been a Navy SEAL for nearly ten years and he’s wearing out. The prospect of doing another re-up has him worried that his body, banged up, shot, stabbed and multiple bones broken, can’t take any more. After performing over a thousand HALO jumps in hostile territory and five times that in practice jumps, he thinks perhaps he’s run out of time and is concerned he’ll suffer permanent disabilities if he pushes the envelope too far.

But, like a professional athlete, giving up the life he loves, working out and doing missions with his best buds from SEAL Team 3, something he knew he was made for, he can’t see himself doing anything else. Certainly not anything as exciting.

He has choices, especially if he wants to keep his wife happy, even if he gives up some of the glory and glamor of being a member the elite warrior class. And he would like to be able to chase his three kids around in something other than a wheelchair.

But an enemy from the past has appeared in the shadows, forcing Tyler to make a decision that might ruin his marriage, and cost him his cherished family.

Which is more important, his promise or the safety of the ones he loves?

SEAL Brotherhood: Legacy Series is a return to previously loved couples in the original SEAL Brotherhood Series, ten years into the future.

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