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Featuring Sharon Hamilton 5/7/2021

Bone Frog Love a Book by Sharon Hamilton

Dear Love Vixen:

I’m flirting with this guy who is almost as old as my dad. I mean, he’s hot as hell, and he’s a real man, not like the boys I’ve been dating lately. Is this wrong? I know, I know. I need to find out if he’s married, or with someone first, but he wants to take me out on a lunch date to discuss. Should I go, or nip it in the bud? I can’t stop thinking/dreaming about him.

Cupcake Girl:

Nip it. Nip it. Nip it. Until you know what you’re dealing with don’t get your heart involved. Don’t listen to those naughty girly parts until you know he’s single and available. And by available, I also mean emotionally. Then decide what you want from him and what’s best for you. Which may or may not be the same thing.
Good luck, hon. XOXO LV

Thoughts from an Older Man:

“From the first moment I saw her I envisioned slapping frosting all over that cute little cupcake at the Baby Cakes bar. When I close my eyes I’m dribbling warm chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, silver balls and sprinkles all over her body parts and then…OMG I shouldn’t be even considering dating someone so young. But I’m newly single now and this sweet young thing seems like just the right person I could take another bite out of love with. I’ve weathered the marriage storms and served my country well for twenty years. Isn’t a former Navy SEAL allowed a little fun?”

Get Your Bone Frog & Cupcake Love Now


The world has fallen in love with The Love Vixen. Whether you’re unhappy in your current relationship, having trouble lowering those walls around your untrusting heart, or needing advice on how to deal with jealousy, the Love Vixen is there for you. This short read is an introduction into the world of The Love Vixen.

The Love Vixen began as the author of a simple relationship blog that exploded into an international sensation. She’s often seen on television talk shows offering her expertise, and even on QTC, promoting her bestselling book, Love Like a PB&J Sammie.

Watch parties form for her weekly posts. Coffee shops host Love Vixen events, where her podcasts have become social happenings. Water cooler debates over her content are all the rage. Love Vixen memes are everywhere on social media and Love Vixen merch is flooding the market!

The Love Vixen’s quirky answers and straight-shooting advice are taking the world by storm. Her platform has blown up, resulting in much reflection from both men and women, opening the lines of communication on those tough relationship subjects.

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