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Day two of the A-Z Blog Blitz. Be positive. One of the things I learned while being a business coach was that often people overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can accomplish in a year. Just seemed like people got tired of failing every day, not getting done everything they were “supposed” to. And they doubted they would achieve all their lofty goals, constantly put themselves down for even having them in the first place.

I remember reading a speech Nelson Mandela gave at his inauguration, (but was written by someone else), and I paraphrase: IF YOU MUST DOUBT SOMETHING, DON’T DOUBT THAT YOU WILL SUCCEED. DOUBT YOUR LIMITATIONS NOT YOUR ABILITY TO ACHIEVE INCREDIBLE GOALS.

Sort of like blogging in the dark, right? Blogging and they will come? Is that it? It holds hands with “Do the right thing even when no one is watching.” Putting one foot forward. Work as if you couldn’t fail, instead of expecting to fail. Everybody is a failure, until we win. Then we are winners.
I read today a comment by Seth Godin (and again I paraphrase): When should you start hyping your book? The answer is 3 years before it comes out.
Brian Tracy would say act like a success and you will be one. Zig Ziglar would say fake it until you make it. It goes beyond positive thinking. Positive action, as Tony Robbins would say, be IN ACTION. Be consistent with your long term goals of success (like don’t eat a cheeseburger right before you run a marathon).
You might laugh at this, but I once saw a world-famous natural-foodie speaker and diet planner, who actually had a Big Mac in his car and was about to take a bite. He even had sunglasses and a hat! And he was a phoney!
Everyone gets tired of being on the same treadmill day in and day out. Writing our hearts out and getting rejected. Having someone say, “I loved it, but didn’t love it enough.” Excuse me, but would you ever say that to your kids?
So let’s all be phonies together: whomever reads this post, I declare you a success! Let’s fake it, and then make it together, shall we?
Sure beats being Chicken Little. Big time.

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