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I Write For The Next Generation

Whenever I look at this little guy (see the videos down below) I am reminded of why I write. His little innocent eyes will probably never read some of my racy love stories. I write so that part of me will be left behind for future generations, when they are old enough to understand them, of course.
The idea that one of my stories will be read by someone long after I’m gone kind of thrills me. I’m dying to know, since I write angels and other paranormal creatures, whether or not I will be notified somehow that someone is enjoying one of my books. Will I know when I have touched someone’s heart? I mean, does some ringer go off in Heaven? A harp or a bell perhaps?
I write because it feels good to do it. It is a huge amount of work, and my hat goes off to those writers who have full time jobs, families to support. Having worked 12-14 hour days for many years, I’m now a full time writer, but that doesn’t mean I can slack off or do it leisurely.
I recently discovered my statement of purpose:
I write sensual paranormal romance that inspires women to feel the rapture and power of true love.

Someone once told me that we always write the same theme every time, that every story has the same issues, with different characters and settings. In my case, it is always about forgiveness, finding redemption, about the healing power of love. Not just any love, but true love. My characters are transformed by the experience of being loved and loving another.
I like writing romance so I can contribute a little Happily Ever. I think the world needs a little more of it, don’t you?
That’s how little guys like this one get created, after all.
Let the healing begin.

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  1. Virna, nice to see you here. I'm going to hug that little kiddo in about 7 hours from now. I can hardly wait!

    Thanks for showing up. I've been traveling, so just caught up today.

  2. Karen,
    Nice to meet you too. A-Z is the bomb. So many great writers and readers I would have never connected to!

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Looking forward to reading more of your things…

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