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Oh The Places You Will Go

One of my friends retired and was leaving for a very long vacation, sailing around the world. He’d been planning this trip for his whole life. Part of it included some volunteer work in Thailand, I think.

We gave him the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, The Places You Will Go, and each of us took a page and signed a personal message to him. It was the perfect gift. I wish I had that book now to be able to quote from it, but all my children’s books are still packed, having set them aside in storage during our house re-build. Since my children are all grown, I gave 13 boxes away to our local library. Now that I have grandkids, time to dust of the favorite ones I saved, start reading them all over again. Ah! That amazing cycle of life…
I love traveling, going places and being surprised. If I could afford it, I would travel every month to some exotic place. One of my writer friends, James Garcia, blogged yesterday about going to a Caribbean island or mountaintop resort for inspiration, like some famous musicians do. That would work for me.

In between my writing spurts, I could get a massage, be brought some fresh grilled seafood sprinkled with fresh lime and salsa, sip on fresh squeezed juices, and work on my tan.

The reality of this actually happening to me is practically nill, but I’m not dwelling on this. I’d have to become another Stephanie Meyer (I’m working on it, though). But the idea inspires me: traveling to fabulous places to write.
I copy pictures from online travel magazines and frequently look at them. I think about what story I could write there, let my mind wander. Nice thing about this is I go there without spending any money! I meet imaginary people, act out imaginary love scenes on horse-drawn sleighs, rustic cabins, or in the warm sand at midnight under the moonlight. Each picture tells an adventure I have in my own head, something perhaps I could bring to the page and let readers experience in their own way as well.
Reading a good book takes us not only to a place, but a time. It takes us away from our everyday lives, and for little money, takes us on a journey of the author’s mind.
As wonderful as these photographs are, the journey of the written word is much more epic. Imagination has no limitation in time and space. All it takes is just a little time, and a good couch or chair to sit in. And enjoy.

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  1. The dream of traveling and writing lives in me as well, although I find when I do travel, I'm too tired to write more than a few words in my journal. So nice to "meet" you on this a-z challenge.

  2. Thank you, Karen. I love all the new people we have met here this month! Like a travel adventure!

    Back in the day, when I traveled with all 4 of my kids, I had no time to write. Just surviving the day without some major emotional event was what I focused on. I certainly understand not being able to write.

    But now, my responsibilities are less, and my imagination itching to get out of the barn.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I like it that I'm tied with Rodrigo with regard to honorable mentions in your blogging, but I fear it will not last!
    I was visiting and suddenly saw a familiar name down the right side of your blog and thought I would check it out. As my oldest likes to say, "Cool Beans!".


  4. Jimmy,
    That is what is really cool about our community. When we show up and play, no matter how little or how much, things happen. I hope I got someone following you, that will become a new fan.

    Tell you son, he has a talented father!

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