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Stimulus Package

I loved the idea of the double meaning of this, so used it on an erotic short I wrote, called The Stimulus Package. An idea whose time has come, as Werner Erhard used to say. I liked that it was positioned in e-pub format right next to the Congressional Stimulus Program, and for a time, my short sold more copies.

But this isn’t going to be about erotic writing. This isn’t even going to be about my short, or my erotic pen name. Not about politics, either. It’s about what stimulates me, as a writer.
So many great words begin with “S”. Or, maybe I notice it because of my first name: sensual, sexy, something special, sultry, satisfying–the list is endless. But then there’s also stupid, stormy, selfish and self-serving. Seasick does it all with the double “S” sound. I get seasick every time I take a cruise, for the first day or so.
There’s salesmanship, and I was one of the best. There’s savings, and that one I should have had help with. Spending, shopping spree–all things I used to do and now don’t. There was my beautiful S-class Mercedes I gave up. I now drive a pickup truck. I was just thinking as I came home from the feed store today, buying hen scratch, egg-maker pellets, sawdust and black oil sunflower seeds, how much I enjoy my old pickup. I can get it dirty and it seems to like me even better. All things pass. My cars are now passed down to people who want to pay to have a–you guessed it–another “S” word: STATUS SYMBOL.
There’s Smith Magazine:

They are the crew that do the 6-word Memoir books, with great quotes like: For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn. (Ernest Hemingway) or Long Walks. Fast Cars. Slow Kisses. (mine). I once had fun with some ladies thinking up a story where all the dialog was 6-word emails.
I won their 100-word Pregnancy contest with my true story, posted on pickle jars. And Rick’s Picks are darned good pickles, too. He even told me he likes to read romance, and I’m impressed because he’s Ivy League. I understand our President likes the People’s Pickle best. But I’m just trying to make up for the Stimulus thing (notice he doesn’t say it anymore on TV?). I’m dying to hear him say, “Stimulus Package” on air like he used to. I think he’ll smile. Ohhh! That’s another “S” word.
Okay, I like showers, too. A buddy like this to rub soap all over my skin.
My husband actually does a very nice job, and he is my real life buddy of choice, although we do a lot more laughing and spraying water in the shower than kissing these days. But I’m not complaining. I love him dearly.
I love Syrah. I love strawberries, squash, snapdragons, sushi, salmon and See’s candies. I even like skydiving.
In short, I just think life is worth savoring. That’s where I get my inspiration. Watching people, participating, showing up.
So, what do you have to share?

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  1. SWEET !!
    you did a fine job placing all those S's in there !
    BTW love the poem you placed in our comments… thank you so much for joining in !!

  2. You are most welcome. "S" can be so sensational! Thanks for your comments back. You got me to do something I haven't done in, maybe 3 years, and then maybe 10 years before that…

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