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Don’t go away just yet! I promise I won’t bore you with vampire lore, if you’re not a fan, or have gotten tired of them. I think they will be here to stay. Fact is, we’ve been writing about them since 300 AD. I understand early Hindu writings incorporated vampire lore. They lived in trees, caused mysterious deaths, especially to unsuspecting children and non-believers. Don’t know about you, but that’s more chilling to me than the ones that are dark and sexy, that heal quickly, are the strongest things on the planet (just about), and have a libido that most humans would envy.

I laugh whenever I hear the comments, “Vampires are out.” Just like I laugh whenever I hear, “Angels are too controversial.”
I wrote Honeymoon Bite because I had a crit partner who was writing vampires, and I decided to try it. I’d read all of Anne Rice’s books, and loved them. Found them very sexy. Except their plumbing didn’t work, and I just knew Anne would write some raging love scenes if she hadn’t written herself and her characters into a box. Talk about unfulfilled! I learned later on that she wrote erotica under a pen name.
But what she did was bring the dark, brooding vampiric characters to life in memorable ways, and without her, I doubt the Sookies and Bellas would have been created. And now as I read Kressley Cole, Nailini Singh and Larissa Ione, their characters have become a hybrid of several species, even brothers, as in Larissa Ione’s Underworld General stories, with different species, depending on their parentage. I like that about paranormal. There are so many things you can do. I have a fallen angel who was a vampire, turned into an angel by accident in the 4th book I’m working on. Why not? It gives us a good basis for why he’s got a chip on his shoulder.
I’m itching to get back to the edits on this book so I can send it to my agent. But I have to finish my contemporary first, from a request.
Indulge me. Read my first few paragraphs, and ask yourself if you like this story, would you keep turning the pages, and then go ahead and post your reactions. You’re not going to get a nasty comment back, even if it isn’t your cup of tea…
Anne looked down on the sleeping form of her new husband and, God help her, he looked like the first man she would murder. Nestled into his arms was the naked body of her Maid of Honor. It was the second time today the bride had caught them. First was at the reception. In the bathroom. Monika’s dress and his tux were splayed over the chair and floor, trampled, along with a spilled bottle of champagne, cream satin shoes, a long taffeta slip, a hot pink pushup bra and Robert’s new black socks. “Not exactly what a bride wants to see on her wedding day.” Anne spoke the chilling words in soft lilting tones, like she had recited her wedding vows that afternoon. It caused the reaction she hoped for. Monika bolted up, her eyes crossed but wide, clutching a sheet to her chest. Robert was scrambling to the floor. “Don’t bother to put your pants on.” “Honey—Anne—,” he said in his I’m-so-sorry-I-got-caught voice. His tanned face used to melt her insides, like when he smiled and the sun came out from behind the clouds. But today it wasn’t going to work. Everyone knew it. The bride had murder on her mind. “I’m so glad you’re all right. We were…” Robert began. “I’m fine. I can see how worried you were. Touching.” Amidst rustling taffeda and satin, Anne reached down to the handle of her wardrobe roller, stuffed to bursting with brand new clothes for her honeymoon, most with tags still on them. She made sure her money, passport and airline tickets were still zipped into the top pocket. “Your dress, Anne,” Her former best friend pointed to the red stains down the front. “Is that blood?” “Catsup.” Anne saw them both flinch. “Not blood. Not yet.” “Now wait just a minute.” Robert climbed back into the bed and put his arms around Monika, but his body was tucked safely behind hers. “I’m sorry about all this, Anne. I’ve been a fool.” Monika turned around and looked at him in a drunken gaze. Maybe she was wising up already. “No. It wasn’t going to work, you asshole. Don’t you think your timing sucked? Couldn’t you have done it before we did all this?” Anne lifted her skirts as if to curtsy. Robert relaxed and hung his head on Monika’s bare shoulder. Anne grabbed a black rain slicker and rolled her trousseau out to the hallway. Whispers came from her bedroom. Unzipping her bag, she extracted the red and black outfit she had planned to wear on the plane—the one with the plunging neckline. Locking herself in the bathroom, she shimmied out of her bridal gown and slipped into her new things. Her feet found a comfortable home in her favorite pair of black crocs, the ones decorated by her bachelorette buddies with little bride and groom charms surrounded by red hearts. No way. She grabbed Robert’s toenail nippers from the vanity and snipped off both the bride and groom, but left the red hearts there. Romance wasn’t dead. But her marriage sure was. Robert stood in the hallway in his shorts. “Where are you going?” “On my honeymoon. I planned it. I paid for it. I’m going.” She descended to the ground floor of her apartment building and realized her wedding gown was still draped over her left arm. A convenient row of black plastic garbage cans, out at the curb for an early morning pickup, became the gown’s final resting place. The nuclear tufts of stained and shredded white organza looked like tissue paper stuffing for a tall wedding present.
My heroine’s luck goes from bad to worse, because she does get bitten on her honeymoon. And her life changes forever.Do you like vampires? Do you like humor in those stories? Characters that find themselves in impossible situations? What do you like about vampires? Or dislike?

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  1. I agree that Anne Rice was one of the better authors to describe the vampire as tall, dark and brooding. I don't think anyone has done that since Bram Stoker.I'm glad I found you because I have dabbled in writing stories, only for myself personally, and need some advice, so this is a good site for me.


  2. Great to see you, Raelene. We should keep in touch. I love good, dark vampire stories. I can't get the humor out of my own work, so if it's dark and funny, I'm done!

    Let's stay in touch, and thanks for stopping by.

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