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BLOGGING: How We Work/How We Get Along

WAVING from Kentucky! Yes!~ we do have internet service here! Most people know me as Tonya Kappes, mother of four, but readers know me as The high-class hillbilly that writes romantic comedy and cozy mysteries. My short stories, Masked Souls, and Another Quirky Christmas are published through a small press. Recently I Indie published my debut novel, Carpe Bead ‘em and excited to say it hit Amazon’s bestsellers list in the United States and the United Kingdom! Needless to say, I’m over the moon.

Enough about me…. When Sharon asked our grog to take a week and blog, we were delighted. I decided to tackle how we work, cooperate and just plain get along. Now I’m not gonna lie, sometimes we want to spit in each other’s eye, but we don’t. We chew harder on that piece of straw and bit our tongue because none of us have the same opinions. You see, we all have different writing career paths and no matter which path we are on, it’s not the wrong path. That’s what makes The Writer’s Guide To E Publishing work. We bring all different sort of opinions and ideas.

When D.D. and I came up with the idea, we wanted a place where writers had all the new electronic publishing tips in one place. D.D. is Indie published, Lee is polishing her manuscript, Misa is big six published and indie published, I am small published and Indie published, so we bring a lot of industry knowledge to the site. First we got a yahoo loop. We each took a day, and since D.D. had so much information already, she took on a lot of the other three days. But Lee is doing a lot more of that now. Anything that needs to be discussed, goes through the yahoo loop. We all agreed, that we would be honest in our journey. Honest about what we like about publishing and what we don’t like about publishing. Lee gives the facts, I try to make it fun, and Misa and D.D. just tell it like it is. And sometimes we don’t agree. But that’s okay! It’s what makes the grog work. WG2E was designed to give the writer every option they have to make the most of their careers. We wanted to pay it forward and give back to writers. WE believe in KARMA, good ju-ju, and this was our way of doing it. For example, my experience may be different than Lee’s, but at least the writer gets to look at all our experience and not go into something with a blind eye like we did. We aren’t saying it’s a bad blind eye, but we are honest and let you know what to expect on all fronts. So come on by WG2E, no matter what stage of the publishing game you are in. I promise you will learn something new!!
Tonya Kappes is the author of Carpe Bead ‘Em , that hit Amazon’s Hobby Fiction Best Seller’s list only six days after the debut. The Ladybug Jinx, a romantic comedy novel will be available in August 2011. Tonya is the author of two short stories which can be found in the Something Spooky This Way Comes and Believe Anthologies. Her, co-authored, non-fiction book The Tricked-Out Toolbox, helps writers explore the best promotional and marketing strategies for their career, will debut January 2012. Besides being the co-founder of the beyond quirky writer’s grog The Naked Hero (, she also is co-founder of The Writer’s Guide to E Publishing ( When she’s not writing about quirky characters and even quirkier situations, she’s busy being the princess, queen and jester of her domain which includes her BFF husband, her four teenage boys and two dogs. Why write a book with beading elements? Once upon a time, Tonya was the proud co-owner of a very successful beading company, Beadnicks LLC.

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  1. Amen to all the above, Soul Sista Tonya!!!


    That's my job on The WG2E…to tell it like it is…and to make Misa and I eventually have to buy stock in Advil and all-things-martini-related! LOL!

    Just kidding…sort of…LOL!

    You nailed it!

    That's what makes WG2E work…because each of us is coming at Epublishing from very different writing-for-publication career experiences, and we're not afraid to bring those truths and opinions to our posts and comments on each other's posts.

    Cheers to that!

    And cheers to our "pain" – and triumphs too – paying it forward so other writers can travel the journey with us then share their own experiences too…all on one, superfab destination site for all-things-Epublishing…The WG2E!!!

  2. So glad to read that sometimes people agree to disagree, but you do it in a respectful manner. Like everyone in your "circle" (ooohhh sounds like a witches cauldron) relates to each other not from where they are, but where they're going. Which means everyone is changing all the time and learning.

    I think that is what attracted me first to your fabulous blogs, ladies. Plus the upbeat content, and valuable material, kept me coming back. Variety. Um, in romance, we like variety, too? Tab A into Slot B – but oh how nice every writer says it different, yet it's the same thing…you know?

    And writing from truth and experience, instead of someone droning on and on about themselves (okay, guilty sometimes) and how great they are, is just boring. How can you go wrong when it is based on truth and with the purpose of CONTRIBUTION.

    I get it. You've been successful because you guys get it too…

    Thanks for coming aboard today. Great stuff.

  3. LOL! Yes, DD and I both need the Advil and tequila every now and again, but it's all fun and it's a great group of women and readers. The Naked Hero is my first blog love, since it was my first grog. It holds a special place in my heart.

    Sharon, I love Gayle King's show and the whole "Civil Discourse" idea. We can disagree, discuss, and still come away friends who respect each other's ideas.

  4. Tonya, you are the comedic sidekick on TWG2E. Any time things are too intense, there you are with a laugh and a joke to remind us that sometimes your have to laugh at this business or you would just sit down and cry. Thanks for many laughs. Can't wait to read Carpe Bead'em

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