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Kate Douglas-I’m a Fan!

Kate Douglas was interviewed today on another blog I am a part of: I got to spend some time with her recently in NYC and she was a kick. Both of us traveled all the way from California, and I wanted to meet her, knowing she was going, and knowing she is from my area here.

We ran into each other in the elevator by accident. How fun it was to have lunch together, view the Pompei exhibit and just talk writer talk.
And about our families.

This doesn’t happen in every profession, or in every writer’s group. I’ve heard of groups that become so exclusive, that newcomers can’t get a start. With Romance writers, in general, they are a great group of people who are so willing to share their path to success.
Kate has some 23 books out now. With the digital age upon us, some of her books will be immortal, and those that aren’t, probably will have life breathed into them in the near future. We talked about (she mentions this in her interview too) the comments from others like, “When are you going to get a real job?” not hurting as much as it did. But it did bother her when she was starting out.
The profession I left to become a full time writer was fun, exciting, and the money was good. However, it didn’t feed me in ways writing does. I do use everything I learned to be successful in that profession, and apply it to my new writing career.
I don’t have permission from Kate to upload her novel covers, but let’s say, they’re fun and very provocative. Her Wolf Tales is now in it’s 12th book. No wonder she lives in that world as much as she lives in ours.
Congratulations, Kate, for such a glorious career, and for being such a decent human being.

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