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Letting Go Some More

I took my daughter to the airport yesterday (blood-shot early) and got a text this morning she has arrived safe in China. She’s taken a teaching job there, having been laid off after her first glorious year here in the States. Nice to see a young teacher with the fire and passion for her job. I’m sure she’ll inspire her students.

She worked very hard to get her degree, and then her Masters. Studying didn’t come easy to her. After getting focused on the goal, she went for it. She has a love of writing and teaching humanities. It will be interesting as she shares about our culture and way of life. She’ll tell them about our election process in 2012. China has their own elections taking place next year as well. I can just see her playing guitar and teaching slang-I’d love to be a fly on the wall. It would be like a moment in Good Morning Vietnam.

It’s still hard to let her go to a foreign place I have never visited. I haven’t carved out her safe places, not that she ever needed this. But a mother does what a mother does. It’s the stuff we tell ourselves as our children grow up, leave the comfort of everything familiar, and treks on a journey they’ve made themselves. Oh, to be twenty-something again, and have your life out in front of you.
They are lucky to have her.
Okay, time to wipe my eyes and go let the chickens out. The roosters have been hollering at me for over an hour now. They start in the wee hours of the morning within seconds of my reading light going on, or the glow from my laptop. As everything changes, goes into and out of season, some things stay the same.

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