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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

The sun’ll come out tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow,
There’ll be sun.
Just thinkin’ about tomorrow,
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow,
‘Til there’s none.

I love happy endings. One of my favorite musicals is Annie. I’ve seen it live in New York. I’ve seen it done locally by a kids theater group. I sang it at our church talent show with all 4 of my kids some twenty years ago, and we were pretty much on key. We had fun together on stage, scared to death, but giving people some serious entertainment. My youngest barely poked his head around my skirts. In his red bow tie and green jacket, I think he stole the show.

The song Tomorrow resonates with me, especially now. We’ve been emailing our daughter in China, getting long letters in return. She has gotten very homesick, but begins her teaching job today. I know once the school year kicks in, she’ll be fine. And I remind her that there are happy family times ahead. She’s far away right now, but is only a day away, like in the song.

Annie” (1982) – Tomorrow – YouTube

She took a walk in a park today and found a Sam’s Club. I think she felt an inkling of something familiar, something that reminded her of home, like little Annie. She’s hoping to have her first day without tears. It it isn’t tomorrow, it will be soon.

What a wonderful thing to have your child realize how much she misses her family. She’s not the only one who has been crying lately. But if this little bit of pain reminds us that we miss being around each other, I’m grateful for the experience. After all, tomorrow there’ll be sun.

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