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What It Takes To Be The Best

You could learn a lot from a little guy. I’m a writer in training. I don’t belong to anybody, although my mom and dad think I do. Even my grandparents do.

Here’s what I see as I float in my boat:
Grownups being stressed and running around, worrying, whispering (I listen to the neighbors) and trying to control everything. I may not look like it, but I have a Mainline to God and he told me a few things he wants you to know.
1. Keep your hands open. You cannot receive the miracles of the universe if you are clutching onto things, either possessions or resentments. The need to control, run the whole world is something we little people leave to those at a higher pay grade.
2. As hard as big people try to control the world, the world still goes on in spite of them. Personally, I think you should spend more time controlling yourself, your emotions, your beliefs. Ask lots of questions. And don’t act like you know it all. God told me you don’t, so don’t pretend, okay? You’re not fooling anyone with that big act.
3. Everyone does the best they can. There is more out there that supports you than fights you. I’m learning a ton every day. I’m naturally curious, and I think right now, that serves me well. Now, I may not have as much experience as you, but like I said, I’m mainlining the Big Guy now and he has never done me wrong. Besides, watching you big people out there is absolutely funny as heck. That’s why I’m smiling all the time. You notice I don’t have a rudder on my boat?
4. Be decent and tell each other what makes you sing. What floats your boat. None of us get out of this gig alive, anyway. Why not share the good times with others. The bad times come all by themselves.
5. Ask questions. Explore. Be curious as a way of life, rather than when you’re on vacation. We all can’t afford to be on vacation every day, anyway. I’m happy. I don’t spend money, work in an office, worry about my clothes or what kind of car my carseat is in. I don’t really care what the other little guys are thinking about me, as long as they don’t bite. I think dogs and cats are just fine, even when I get hair all over me. That’s the way they are. They don’t seem to mind that I like to drool on them, either. Sort of works.
I might stop by from time to time to dish out my own personal brand of advice, because I think you grownups need it.
Have a great day.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha. You'll probably get one of those in no time at all. I hear they like to work and play hard in Montana. In the meantime, feel free to share him with anyone you love…

    Take care.

  2. Lots of good thoughts. I especially like the part where he's happy without spending any money. Also, I notice the SEAL is getting his son in the water early! lol

  3. I can picture your cute little grandson in an animated commercal (smile).
    I love his list – that little guy is wise way, way beyond his years.
    Thanks for tuning me in, Sharon.

  4. Jill – sometimes I think that's why I had kids, so I could live to see the next generation!

    Kay Dee – I need to get me one of those boats! Room for the umbrella drinks on the side, of course.

  5. Sharon this is adorable and so true. I especially like the the part "share some good news. Bad things come on their own." So true. Your grandson is adorable.

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