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Feeling Lucky for Christmas?

My dear friend, Tina Folsom has come up with a huge marketing idea that has caught fire. I thought all my wonderful followers, whether you be writers or entrepreneurs, could benefit from her discovery.
First, let me say that what makes Tina so phenomenal is that she is a relatively new author. In less than three years, she has found herself at the top of some pretty exclusive lists as far as sales numbers. If you scan her lengthy list of titles, you can see for yourself. She has been a busy, and very successful lady.
I have seen her numbers first hand. And it really all started in April of 2010, when she uploaded her first Scanguards series of vampire books, Samson’s Lovely Mortal. I think I wrote her third review on Amazon, because I had the privilege of critiquing her early manuscript. Her new book, Zane, is to date her best selling. I think yesterday she sold about 1500 copies. Yes, in one day. I think one weekend she had something like 9000 downloads.

There are a lot of Indie authors who have a backlist of published works they now own the rights for. Their Indie success is due in part to this backlist, and the fan base they accumulated over sometimes many years. I am glad that they have been able to benefit from all that past work.

But what makes Tina so unusual is that she is unagented, and unsigned with a publishing house. No backlist. She writes a darned good book. And continues to do so.

So when Tina does something, I pay attention. Just looking at what she has done in 18 months gives me hope. And the secret seems to be to write a lot of good books and get them out there for the public to enjoy.

Here’s her new marketing idea:

Win a Kindle Fire! Like Tina Folsom’s Facebook Fanpage to enter
Feeling Lucky for Christmas?

Page: ‎699 like this

She is having a drawing for a new Kindle Fire. In less than 2 days, she has added almost 500 new followers to her Facebook Fanpage.

There are a lot of things I want for Christmas. Getting a Kindle Fire would be one of them. But I honestly have to say the greatest gift for me during the holidays is the knowledge that some of my friends are having huge success in their publishing journey. Because if they can do it, so can I.

I hope we all win, in more ways than I can count.

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