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Underworld Lover: New Release Coming Tomorrow

I’m uploading my new release, the second book in my Guardian Angel series, Underworld Lover. As usual, my friend, Tina Folsom, is helping me with the technical aspects of making sure it is done correctly, and looks great. I’ve had feedback that my books are the best formatted readers have seen. Makes me happy.

I’ll announce when it’s up and ready for sale. But just had to share the cover. Jimmy Thomas is perfect (again–I mean when isn’t he?).

Here’s the blurb:

Joshua Brandon, a legendary and powerful rogue dark angel, meets a human woman whose soul he cannot take, and finds something he has not experienced before: love. At the same time, a new director comes to power in the Underworld, who asks for a test of Josh’s loyalty by delivering this very woman to him.

Melanie Worthington is back among the living, after reeling from the suicide of a close friend. She has no idea she is to become the pawn between two powerful dark angels, one who would command her as his personal concubine, and the other who would set her free.

Will their love survive the battle between the two dark angels, or will Joshua risk his own immortal life to protect the woman he loves?

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  1. Hot Cover, cant wait for the book to be available. As usual, Jimmy makes the cover smoldering hot. Yummy. I sometimes buy books, solely because he is on the cover and rarely do the stories dissapoint. Great job.

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes. I agree with you. When I see him on a cover, it's an immediate "buy" signal.

    I'll announce it here when I see it is uploaded and available. Thanks for stopping by!

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