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Friday the 13th

What do you do on Friday the 13th? Avoid ladders, black cats? Do you curl up with a good vampire book or watch a vintage movie on TV? Do any of you remember Creature Feature?

Vampires have become the new alpha male dangerous super hero, replacing the rebel motorcycle gang types of Marlon Brando fame. Yes, those guys were dangerous, and weren’t the ones your mama wanted you to date, but you couldn’t help but love them anyway. Because they had a heart underneath that rough exterior.

Same for vampires. Except now with the vampiric characters, they are not only sexy and dangerous, but they hold the power of life after death. Authors have written them dozens of ways, from brooding and melancholy, to overly confident and reckless. We love how they have to be careful of their human mates, when they have them. We enjoy reading how they are tamed by mortals, out of love, honor, obligation to do the right thing. How they fight against their animalistic vampiric abilities to adjust to humans. How they pretend to be human.

What do you love about vampires this Friday the 13th? Do you have a particular one you’d like to cuddle up with? One lucky commenter who joins this site will receive a Kindle or Nook version of my new novel, Honeymoon Bite. Learn about my breed of Golden Vampires of Tuscany. Be sure to leave your email address and ebook preference when you make your comment.

And to complete the blog hop stop for a chance to win a free Kindle, please proceed with caution to:

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  1. I love all the different ways authors have come up with to make vampires not-so-scary. There are so many different versions, but I have to admit one of my favs in Lynsay Sands version, involving science and Atlantis. But whether good or bad, vampires are just plain sexy!

  2. Betty, you've got my vote. I agree, I love Lynsay Sands works. The complicated worlds she brings to us readers is the best. Vampires have certainly morphed into many different kinds of characters, which I think is why I enjoy reading them.

    Thanks for showing up today. Good luck with the rest of the Hop.

    1. I can't seem to find on some of these blogs where I can leave a comment so I'll simply reply to this one.

      I love vampire paranormals the best – so I look forward ot checking out your books.

  3. I don't a kindle or nook so I can't win a copy but I'd still like to comment.

    What I love most about vampires is the fact that they are no long considered "Monsters" but have now become an object of lust. When I was a little girl and someone told me a vampire was going to kiss me I'd scream and cry like crazy, but for the vampires now of days I'd slap on some lip gloss and pucker up. And if that vampire just happen to be Damon from the vampire diaries (The tv version) I'd be very happy indeed! Thanks for the great post!!

    p.s. I"m so vampire crazy I named my youngest son Quinn, from one of L.j. Smiths books, that is a young adult book!

    1. Savannah,
      You are so sweet. I love the name Quin anyway. But you're right, vampires aren't the monsters people wrote about some several hundred years ago when they first appeared on the scene (I'm told it was about 300 AD in India), and they stole little children.

      These hunky guys are worthy of some cherry lip gloss – or maybe some bright red non-smear lipstick! Thanks for stopping by. No worries on the Kindle or Nook. We can always send a PDF.

  4. I love that Vampires are now cool. They are the good guys(ya know what I mean). I like how each author makes a vampire in her image and not the generic image. Creative license is the bomb…

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  5. I love paranormals and Vamps will always be my faves. Lynsay Sands was the author who got me started on PNR and romances in general with her sexy vamps. After I read them all, I had to move on to her historicals and from there it was just a slippery slope to addiction to romances, lol.
    I would love a kindle version, if I win.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    1. Know what you mean about Sands. I almost expected her historical heroes to bite too.

      A slippery slope to a great addiction and romance is good for the soul, IMHO. Besides, romance readers have more sex, or so they say…

    1. Well I have two guardian angel books for you, then. I don't get the were thing, although Alcide from True Blood is certainly my type if I did. But I'm keeping an open mind. Until I read Anne Rice I didn't really think about them, and she certainly writes them dark and brooding (without the plumbing, and that was my big beef with her characters **sigh**), but loved how she developed their personalities. Again someone powerful, but not able to affect change in the right direction. Hers weren't romance, so I like any story with a HEA.

      So, if you win, I'll donate an Angel book, sound fair?

    1. Chelle,
      That's so awesome. I had dinner with some friends from Poland last year and they were totally vampireholics.

      So great you'd cuddle with your hubby. Me too. I'd take him anyday, with or without the Honeymoon Bite.

  6. Being a Gemini, I'm torn between werewolves and vampires – each half wants one or the other. It's very frustrating! But the vampire half adores them built ornery and snarky, dark and smirky, and built like Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries on TV.
    Thank goodness the vamps today are compelling, love machines, instead of monstrous killers. I love that today there really IS a heart in there, for just the right woman 😉

    Thank you SO much for being part of this blog hop! I'm having the time of my life =)

    Gena Robertson

    1. Gena, I had fun too. Yes, I agree, the best vamps are the ones who just melt, I mean come to their knees around the right woman. JR Ward once told me she thought the best alpha males ever written were big dark male vamps. Big and dark, but able to love. What a combination!

      Thank you too for taking part. We had a blast.

    1. Thanks for loving those sexy vampires, and I agree, they are over the top compared to real men. But then, most romance writers marry their own kind of hero, and not necessarily the ones they write.

      I too like a slim fully packed body, who can take care of business like a linebacker!

      Thanks for being here today!

  7. I'm so glad I got to do this blog hop to find out about your books! I read a variety of vamp romance and have so many favorites, but what I love the most is knowing the HEA is indeed forever as an immortal!

    cathiecaffey @

    1. Caffey, I love that too about vampires, the immortal love. I think it makes for stronger emotions when that forever love is threatened. My vamps have their fated mates too, and only one per customer, so when that opportunity is almost lost, it is a more compelling "black moment." Did I say I love to torture my characters? tee hee.

  8. So, I have a secret. If you checked your inbox today, you have one too! To everyone who commented, thank you so much. It was a fun day, and warmed my heart to see all those vamp (and were) fans out there!

    Please come back and join me another day.

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