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L is for Love

Welcome to day 12 of the A-Z Blog Challenge, and my theme of Letters of Gratitude. I think I can safely say I have been addicted to love. Hardly been a time in my life when someone else wasn’t at my side. How strange that now that I have had all these years in a long term relationship, that I could actually see that I don’t NEED it, but WANT it. Instead of fixing it, tweaking it to become perfect, I can LET IT BE. And, if I had to, I could live without it.

I’m not talking about losing love, or reminiscing on lost love. I’m realizing that I choose to love another the way they are, the way we are: lumps, warts and all. That life is perfect just the way it is.

Another lesson I’ve learned this year is to Let It Be. I admit to being a drama queen. We’ve had some family drama in the past couple of days. The Big Kahuna of Drama with the capital D concerning one of my kids. But family is all important to me. My writing, my blogging, my other friendships outside of my family are also important, but they take second to my family. I can’t fix everything in their lives like I’d tried to do as they were growing up. I have to love them, warts and all, the way they are.

I think when you love someone with pure motives, the very best in yourself comes out. It’s one of the themes in my writing: Love Heals In The Gardens of the Heart. It is what drew me to romance writing in the first place. I enjoy living in the hearts of my characters as they discover the “other” and the effect they have on their lives. In the claiming, the connection, comes the miracles and the freedom to feel limitless. There is trust, faith, hope. It is almost a spiritual experience.

Another thing that Love isn’t is doing things. I’ve been a “gotta do more” type of gal. If packing for a volleyball tournament is important, I adopt the fill-my-Suburban-so-full-that-there’s-no-room-for-my-daughter kind of mindset. When she stood there in the parking lot, looking up to me and asked, “Mom, there’s no room for me here,” I couldn’t believe I had been so focused on the “things” for our week-long tournament, and not my daughter, who I was doing it for.

If you can this weekend, go rent Love Actually. The movie explores several couples and their struggles with love, and love lost. What character do you see yourself as? What actor/actress would you trade places with for just a few minutes? I’ll bet you can guess who I’d be.

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  1. Ok, since you said so, I'll add Love Actually to my Netflix queue or rent it from Blockbuster…whichever one I get around to first, lol. I never had any interest in watching that movie but our (yours and mine) L days match so there's something to be said for that I guess.

    You're lucky to have always had someone by your side all your life. That is something to be truly grateful for. I like the point you made when talking about that sports tournament, in that our focus should be on those we love, more-so than the things that represent those that we love.


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