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S: The Sexiest Man in Print

This is a reprint of a blog I did back in 2010. It was an interview with Jimmy Thomas, cover model, actor, martial arts practitioner and all round great marketing guru. No matter how you slice it, Jimmy Thomas is probably one of the sexiest cover models out there. And the most prolific. I think he’s over 2000 covers now, and counting.
And although some people take pot shots at him right and left, I can’t help but admire his business accumen and the relentless hard work that has gone into building his career. I don’t know anyone else who works so hard at doing what he does.
So, Mr. Jimmy Thomas – you are the Sexiest Man in my book, today. You make my stories sell. I would consider buying any book with you on the cover. I’ve had friends that think you can’t have the same model on every book, and I don’t care. I really don’t. I like him there. He’s on my blog. He’s on every cover I have, but one. And guess what – that one doesn’t sell 1/10 as many books as the others. I have your autographed calendar, and I love looking at your pictures.
So here’s the interview he gave me two years ago. Some of his stats have changed in this period of time since. But not the man. The person behind the picture is still the same. That’s why we love him:
Something Tasty This Way Comes: Jimmy
Thomas Interview
This is
a reprint of a guest post I did last November 2010 used with permission. I
interviewed romance novel model Jimmy Thomas, who has graced over 1000 book
covers, on his way to obliterating the competition. He is not only a model, but
is a personal trainer, an actor, and has studied extensively and competed in
several martial arts disciplines.
I wanted
to present a different glimpse of the man, his passions, and some funny stories
about his photo shoots.
What do you look for in a woman?
JT: Confidence, sincerity, non-jealous, respect, beauty. I want
someone who takes care of herself internally (eats healthy) and externally
(exercise or is active in something physical), who is passionate, someone who
loves animals and children. I love women who are fun, adventurous, spontaneous,
easy going, down to earth, a bit tomboyish. Prefer a Cancer, Scorpio or a
Virgo… my most compatible zodiac signs
you consider dating an older woman?
JT: About 50% of the women I date are older than me
What would be your max age difference?
JT: It’s not about age, it’s about maturity, how well they take care
of themselves, how we get along, if we have great conversations, etc.
What would a date with you involve?
JT: Depends on the date, could be dinner and a movie, a day at a
theme park, hiking, camping, a picnic, or cuddling up to a movie rental and a
bottle of wine.
What type of covers/photo shoots do you enjoy doing most?
JT: Sensual and Erotica. They have the most passion in them. 
I’m VERY passionate and love it when a woman expresses her passion in the
physical form and facial expressiveness.
do you like to read and why?
JT: My emails, lol.  I read only one book throughout high
school (Old Man And The Sea), just to see if I could finish. I read Jurassic
Park before the movie came out–was hounded over and over again by a friend that
I read it. I thought it was GREAT.  I’ve never had the patience for reading
though. I’d much prefer watching a movie made from the book instead.  I
read books when I’m on a plane. I’m so busy now with my career, I don’t have
leisure time to pick up a book and start reading it cover to cover. I
nibble on them.
What are your favorite movies, TV shows, types of music, etc?
JT: Action adventure, sci-fi blockbuster thriller movies!  For
TV… House, Chuck, Two And A Half Men and True Blood. I DVR and watch them when
I can. For music, anything upbeat, full of energy, high/fast-paced, dance-type
music. Music like that motivates and energizes me.
What’s the most erotic cover you’ve ever done?
JT: MANY!  Sexathon,
Whenever We Meet, Simmering Seductions, A Christmas Interlude,
Afterlife, many, many more!
Were you ever embarrassed about taking your clothes off, or
nearly naked?
JT: During a photo shoot? 
Embarrassed no, shy? Yes.
Sexiest song?
JT: Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game”
How did you get started?
JT: My sister did a few photo shoots that came out great and she
suggested I should as well. I thought “Hmmm???… Nah!” My ex-girlfriend taught
Taekwondo and cardio kickboxing classes and we ran into each other. I was
heavy into weight-lifting, mentioned that I wanted to lean-up but hated cardio,
and she suggested I take her cardio kickboxing classes. I thought “Hmmm???…
Then I
was out at a night club and the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen in my
life (still to this day), walked up to be with a huge smile, (I instantly
looked behind me to see who she was looking at, lol…) and her first words were,
“Tell me you model?!?!?”
chuckled, looked behind me again, and said “Ahhh, no. Why?”
said, “You need to and should!”
We hit
it off, began dating. She fell in love with me but, for some strange
reason, I couldn’t fall in love with her… bad timing I guess *shrugs*. But, her
suggesting, or rather insisting, that I model, had me take my ex’s cardio
kickboxing class to lean up. I shot with my sister’s photographer, and that is
where it all began
What is your favorite cover–? Why?
JT: This changes almost monthly as new covers come out (I’m
currently on about 30 new covers each week).  Initially, my favorite cover
was my first one Solar Heat, then Seducing The Sheriff, Lucas.
There have been so many I really liked, but recently I was sent Carly &
the New Foreman
which blew me away. A few more that really stood out: Love
Immortal, Who’s Been Sleeping in Her Bed, Tatiana, Solstice Seduction, Dying
and Araton’s Destiny.
are so many more between the beginning and now, and I know there will be
plenty more. Just like how we all had a favorite movie in high school. May not
be our favorite movie now, but it is still in your “favorites” category. I
could never have just one favorite cover–I’ve been on nearly 800 covers.
Have you ever been so turned on during a shoot you got an
erection? How did you deal with it?
JT: Only if/when a girl is um, groping my junk. Otherwise, my mind
is so much on getting great images. I have to focus on us both being in our key
lights, not shadowing each other. Our hand and arm placement being correct, our
hair not being messed or blocking our faces, her hair length as well as mine
always showing. Wardrobe not being wrinkled twisted or messed up. Our
expressions being together, while still staying in a romantic, sensual,
seductive, sexy character. There’s also stopping often as my photographer
adjusts his lighting when we move into a different position. It’s not like we
turn on a few lights in our direction and he just clicks non-stop as we do
whatever we want.
As for
how did I deal with the times I have been aroused, I simply went with it and
let her do what she wanted to do 
 I’m single, who am I to stop her… she’s in character dammit!
How many disciplines of martial arts do you study? What’s your favorite and why?
JT: Kenpo Karate was my first and foremost style, but I’ve also
studied Jujitsu, Shotokan, Taekwondo and Kickboxing, with Kenpo and Kickboxing
being my favorites!
What makes a sexy cover? Erotic cover?
JT: Chemistry, passion, a strong and real connection between the two
models. It’s not just posing in a position that looks hot. That chemistry can
be shown in the facial expressions, in the body language, hand positioning,
head tilts, etc. So many different variables make up great couples’ images…
those variables I only give away to my co-models so that they do them
What was your most romantic date?
JT: Hmmm, how can I answer this on an “Erotic” blog?    All my dates are romantic. I
don’t label being romantic necessarily by specific things you do that are
listed as romantic (romance 101 things). For me it is about how I converse with
a woman, hold her, look at her, caress her, kiss her and move with her. These
are the reasons why I am told I am romantic, as well as the little things I do;
although those things are then seen more as sweet
makes a woman sexy? At any age?
JT: Confidence! A woman who knows what she wants and voices it, expresses
What about the male form is sexy, in your opinion?
JT: Holding
his sexiness in a great, confident posture. You could be thin and toned or big
and broad, but if you stand and walk with sincere confidence, not arrogance,
then you are very appealing to others.
Can you share with us your hottest or raciest cover? Photo?
JT: I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. Look on my facebook
page in my Cover Albums for your favorite raciest cover (,
or through all my images on my stock image website  You
tell me    THE
raciest photo of me is not publicly shown anywhere, nor will it be  (Ed note: good answer, Jimmy. He’s such
a politician.)
Jimmy Thomas
Fitness, Print & Romance
Novel Cover Model (794 covers)
NASM Certified Personal
Trainer (since 1998)
Self Defense & Kickboxing Instructor (since

This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. He is now on over 2800 covers. 🙂 And definitely gorgeous. Good choice, Sharon! I've purchased quite a few books simply because he's on the cover. He's a genuinely nice person. Thanks so much for reposting this interview, Sharon, especially since I missed it the first time around. 😀

    1. Jimmy, You know how it is – being successful makes others sometimes jealous. It doesn't bother me one whit.

      So grateful (appropriate since these are Letters of Gratitude) you stopped by, and showed everyone how real you are.

      Thank you, my friend.

  2. Great interview! I'm always impressed at how Jimmy runs his business…like a pro. He's now on four of my ebook covers, and is going to be on a couple of print covers soon. 🙂

  3. I love creating covers with Jimmy on them! As far as having him on all of an author's covers? Doesn't matter to me. He has so many different looks that sometimes you don't even realize it's the same person. I don't mind researching all those picks on to find just the perfect pose for those covers either. 😉

    Jimmy is always very sweet anytime I've had any communication with him as well. He his top notch as far as I'm concerned!

    1. I agree totally. And to me, all the other models are just boys. I like a hunky guy to look like a hunky guy. His varied looks are impressive. He compliments the women in the shoots as well, brings passion to the page.

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