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Z is for Zone

Welcome back to the last day of the A-Z Blog Challenge. This April has been the Letters of Gratitude. Some of you have stopped by every day. I owe you a badge! Others are new friends we have picked up along the way. Very excited to have all of you, both old and new friends.

Z is for zone, as in writing in the zone.

There are many things that put me in the mood. I subscribe to a number of travel blogs. I love looking at the gorgeous pictures, and fantasizing about a story that would take place there. Especially a steamy romance. Something created where the odds were not in the couple’s favor, but survived and thrived in spite of the odds. Almost seems like it should be illegal, I’m having so much fun.

Right now I’m listening to Green Meadow by pianist Denise Young. Music puts me in the mood. With my Dr. Dre headsets, I can write just about anywhere. Tomorrow, as I travel home, I will be spending about 3 hours in airports on layovers.

I’ve spent the last 3 days in an intense class, learning about one aspect of the Real Estate market I wasn’t versed in.

The gentleman I took the class from has a unique perspective on family. He grew up in an orphanage run by Catholic Nuns. He had an older brother who was in a different section of the orphanage. On occasion, his mother would come visit him for a weekend, he says when her conscience got the better of her. So, even in the pecking order of the orphanage, he wasn’t a “true” orphan, because he had a mother. She just didn’t want to visit very often. So, the better socks and clothes went to the “true” orphans, the ones who had no one.

He became a successful man, worked hard and didn’t expect he’d ever have a family because he had no concept of what that was about. But then he met Her, and without any training, without anyone to model after, without the loving guidance of a sister, or mother or grandmother, he fell in love with this young woman. And his life has been enriched beyond his wildest dreams.

His story touched me yesterday when he told me about it. Today, at the end of the day he teared up, as we were preparing to go. He spoke of how lucky he was to have found her. 

“Whatever does she see in me after all these 50 years? I will never be able to figure that out, Sharon.”

I thought about this. Looked him in the eyes, and said, “Your heart. You have a heart of gold, and always have. That’s what she sees.”

I find inspiration for love stories in unlikely places, from unlikely people, doing unlikely things. For, as powerful or successful as we all are in our lives, I still think the greatest thing is to love and be loved in return. My favorite line from Moulin Rouge.

I’m grateful for the gentle guidance others have given me, not only in how to make a financial success in this world, but how they share their love stories.

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  1. Beautiful piece, Sharon. Some people do have hearts better than gold, don't they. We are blessed when we meet such people, for they touch us and change our insight, our opinions, our very lives. Well done! ~R

    1. Thanks, Raymond. I'm probably going to remember that part of yesterday better than all the rest. Yes, I hope he is around for a lot longer to continue to touch others. Lucky to have seen the passion behind the genius of the man.

  2. Thanks. I was so excited to get home, I packed last night, though I was exhausted. All in all, a great trip. And always wonderful to find a new friend…

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