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Heroes of Every Genre: Who’s the Best?

What is your favorite thing about Alpha Heroes? Well, we authors are ready to share our favorite Alpha Males, our favorite things about them, and everything sexy and heated about those Alpha Males you can think of. *wink* Starting on Friday and ending on Oct 22nd, over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about those sexy men we know and love.
And while we do that, we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.
But that’s not all….
We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!
Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $130 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: The following Swag Pack!

So, here’s my blog and giveaway, and you have until October 22nd to leave your comments. If I had a big Highland Games event and I invited all the heroes of the six books I’ve written, who would win? Yes, I want you to pick the winner, after I give the evidence. And I’ll even make it more fair. You can pick a hero from someone else’s blog or book and vote for them here too.

Every comment gets entered into our Grand Prize giveaway, and every commenter will receive something, and YOU EVEN GET TO CHOOSE. Now, when were you ever given the choice of prizes on a blog hop? Be sure you follow the instructions at the end of this post.

We have 6 Alpha Heroes: Daniel DePalma, Joshua Brandon, Marcus Monteleone,  Paolo Monteleone, SOC Kyle Lansdowne and SO Calvin Cooper. You get to vote for one of them (or another hero, if you must), by leaving a comment and telling us all why you think they should win, and what would you do with them to celebrate?

So, since this is election season, here are the descriptions of the candidates, and their Hollywood likenesses:

Daniel DePalma: Brazilian-born painter of colorful wall-sized jungle prints. He does not know his best friend, posing as his agent, is a dark angel who has hooked him up with a very bad girl. The relationship nearly destroys him. Not realizing there are forces of good and evil at play, a guardian angel comes to his rescue. He falls in love with her in spirit, until he falls in love with her in the flesh. He is willing to spend his life separated from his angel lover just to see her safely home.

Joshua Brandon: A colorful dark angel who was looking forward to an eternity of partying with his former best human friend, Daniel, bedding women in the Underworld as well as “on top” in the human world, until the guardian angel intervened. He has a fondness for redheads, especially redheadded guardian angels. He hates birds and detests order and rules. But he soon finds that, among other things, he has grown a conscience and finally meets a soul he cannot claim. He faces the ultimate sacrifice when he is asked to deliver that very woman to the Director of the Underworld to become a concubine. He discovers there are rules worth dying for.

Marcus Monteleone: A 300-year old golden vampire, has spent most of those years searching for his fated female, only to find her dying in his arms. He saves her life by turning her, only to be enjoined by the rules of his breed, to not interfere with her once human life. He does not believe he has fathered a child by a half vampire half witch/villainess, but he feels an obligation to take responsibility for the boy.  In the end, he is willing to spend eternity without her if it means she will be safe from the jealous mother of the boy.

Paulo Monteleone: Brother to Marcus. He loves human women, and, unlike his brothers and sisters, does not take golden vampire mates and chooses to marry outside the fating, resisting a fating that went terribly wrong. He falls in love with a professor of legend and myths, who claims she knows everything about the “non-existant” golden vampires of Tuscany. He finds he is willing to sacrifice his immortal life to rescue his human lover from those that want her silenced.

Kyle Lansdowne: SEAL team leader sent on a mission to find his AWOL swim buddy, who has been kidnapped by a drug gang. The gang’s intent is to get weapons and equipment from the SEAL community for their illegal use. By accident, Kyle runs into a newbie Realtor, and he finds in her the woman he has always wanted, just when she is nearly taken from him forever. He is forced to choose between her and his SEAL team buddy’s life.

Calvin Cooper: Nebraska farm boy turned U.S. Navy SEAL. A specialist with gadgets, a medic and one of the tallest SEALs to ever graduate BUD/S. He is ordered to meet the family of a fallen SEAL medic, to help him heal the loss of his own family in a tornado. He helps a prominent psychiatrist protect his family, including his lovely daughter, from a psychopathic killer bent on revenge.

Now for your choice:

1. Dog Tag from Accidental SEAL
2. Amazon Kindle version SEAL Encounter.

Be sure to leave your name, AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, and please do so in code like: Jane Doe (at) gmail (dot) com.

Have fun, and good luck!!

Sharon Hamilton
Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.
Accidental SEAL   SEAL Encounter    all available through Amazon

Accidental SEAL Book Trailer

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This Post Has 128 Comments

  1. Paulo Monteleone is who I would pick to win the Highland Games. Vampire strength plus there is something about him that appeals.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    1. I always reward early/first responders. Enjoy your prize and thank you for dropping by.

      Paolo is indeed swoon-worthy. The strength with which he loves is eternal, and takes a strong human woman to tame that. Great choice.

  2. Its not an easy choice, but I like Calvin 🙂

    Id love to win a copy of SEAL Encounter, thanks for the bloggin fun !


  3. This is a very hard choice…..I am torn between Joshua (Angel who doesn't follow rules, so some cheating might be involved) or Calvin(SEAL version of maybe MacGyver?)….Can't choose!! But would like Seal Encounter!

    susanmplatt (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. Paulo Monteleone is who I would pick to win the Highland Games. He has vampire strength and is very agile. I can't well you whe we would do lol *evil grin

  5. I'm torn between Calvin and Paulo and I don't think I can choose. I already have SEAL Encounter waiting in my TBR and look forward to reading it.


  6. This is a tough choice, I like Joshua (Dark Angels are so hot)especially if they look like Johnny Depp and then there is Marco and Paulo I am such a sucker for vampires. So I think it would be a three way tie :).


  7. It's a tie.. Joshua and Marcus. Joshua would die to save the woman he loves and Marcus would have given up his love to keep her safe.. Who couldn't resist a man that would do either of those things for the women they love?
    We would celebrate with champagne, chocolate and whipped cream in a secluded romantic hideaway… no need to say anymore….

    Thanks for being part of the blog hop and for the giveaway!
    Best wishes and continued success
    Christine S
    cms72023 at gmail dot com

  8. My pick would be Joshua Brandon. I love a bad boy that grows a conscious! Reminds me of a favorite television character. It didn't hurt that Johnny Depp's photo was next to it. 🙂 I think he would win the games because he doesn't follow the rules. As far as celebrating, I think those thoughts are best left in my brain.
    Thanks for the giveaway and blog hop!

  9. I'm totally going for Marcus, but Calvin. Hmm, jeez, do I have to pick just one? 🙂 Okay, okay. I'm sticking with Marcus. Thanks for being a part of the blog hop and such a fun post. 🙂


  10. Greetings,
    Doing the Alpha Male blog hop….oh yeah! I‘m excited to be a part of this hop! Wow, 200+ authors—a perfect opportunity to meet new authors! It’s always fun trying to visit as many sites as possible.
    I love alpha heroes who are take charge men! They are loyal, loving and caring men. They usually have sexy looks, brains, money and a commanding presence that draws people. When they find their mates and fall in love they will move heaven and earth to stake their claim. This is exciting to watch even when they are not sure why they have to have or be with this particular person. An awesome love dance! It’s definitely addicting to read.

    I would add Michael Early…sexy and yummy eyes!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some great prizes.
    Belinda G

  11. Joshua Brandon, yummy. Thx for the hop stop. I would love the dog tags, I already have Seal Encounter. Thx

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  12. I'd pick Marcus Monteleone because he's willing to sacrifice so much and he's a vampire. I'd love the dog tags. Thanks for the chance.

    mythic021 at gmail dot com

  13. Why I love Alpha Males is no real surprise! The perfect Alpha Male for me could be a Vampire, a Scottish Laird, an English Rogue/Gentleman, a Werewolf or Shape-shifter, or a Knight. He’s the rogue who thinks he can’t be reformed into a gentleman. He’s the rough and scarred Scottish laird that has a heart of gold. He’s the werewolf or shape-shifter that needs to heal an aching heart because it took him years to find his true mate. He’s the vampire who has waited decades for that special someone’s blood to sing to him and wake him up. And he’s the knight who can defeat the enemy with a quick swing of his sword, but can’t see the love in front of his face. My Alpha Male has eyes that can see into your soul and are as blue as the sea, or as black as a storm. He’s tall and brooding. His heart can enfold you into its grasp and make you fall in love when he gives it to you freely and completely. He is protective and passionate. In the end he is the one that makes your heart jump and butterflies fly in your stomach, and still kiss you until your legs melt!

    Id pick Joshua Brandon

  14. Because I have thing for hot SEALs and sweet farm boys, I'd have to say Calvin Cooper all the way! But, if he didn't win, then definitely Joshua cause I mean, it's Johnny Depp…who won't choose him?

    Alpha males are the best….strong, independent, fiercely protective, but on the inside they are nothing but a big ol’ teddy bear! I love the way their mouths talk filthy, but their eyes portray their sensitive sweet. They can be rough and tough in the bedroom, but still have the gentle caress of an attentive and protective lover. It's all in the heart…..alpha males are the best!

    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    molly at reviewsbymolly dot com

    1. Molly, love the analogy of the "mouths talk filthy but their eyes portray their sensitive sweet(ness)." I like when my characters' trash talk masks things that are felt deep down, and never spoken about. Something special coming your way.

  15. TO EVERYONE WHO HAS RESPONDED SO FAR. You should have either received your free Kindle book, or a separate email from me. If you have not, please leave me a message on here, with your coded email and I'll get right back to you.

    Remember, everyone wins something, but you have to leave a valid email to get it, and please code it. You can also send me a private email (see the end of my post for contact information).

    We still have time until the 22nd, so tell your friends. Please feel free to share this blog!!

    Loving this!

  16. I vote for Calvin based on those excerpts 🙂

    I am currently reading SEAL Encounter and I am loving it!

    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    dmr8888 at yahoo dot com

    1. No problem, one of the fun things about these hops is discovering new books to read and getting to interact with some favorite authors 🙂

  17. They all sound WONDERFUL, but I think my choice is Calvin, besides being a SEAL, I love me some farm boys! I would love to read SEAL Encounter.

    1. Ah, yes. My favorite part is when Marcus talks to Anne for the first time in Starbucks, and he convinces her she can feed from him, just once, knowing she will never want to let him go. He's a bit of a bad boy, but oh so delicious!

      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. June, wise choice. See my comment to Joy above. He drives a black Ferrari, too. So wonderful to be finishing Paolo's story right during Halloween season! Me meets his love at a costume party, but Paolo goes as himself: a vamp.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Anna – my vamps are goldens. They sleep in a real bed and can be out in the sun…

      But I know what you mean about the SEAL heroes. They are the ones who save the day in real life. Why not in our fantasy lives as well. Your Encounter is just beginning! Good luck with the grand prize drawing.

  18. Loving the awesome blog hop!

    So many new books I want to read!

    Alpha Males are my fav! So, dominate and fun to tease. And when they talk feelings they mean every word!

    grapeapril75 at gmail dot com

  19. i would say Marcus because he abide by the rulme even when it's hard and a alpha must be responsible

    ( i love the dog tag)


  20. Veronika, April, Wanda and Janiera – your Encounter is just beginning!

    Miki, I have sent you a private message by email.

    Good luck everyone on the grand prize drawing tomorrow!

    1. No, not the Highland Games, no. Although that would be fun. Just a manner of speaking, pitting the heroes up against each other. The SEALs are kicking the vamps butts! Somehow, I think they'd like that.

      Cooper's book is due out shortly. Your Encounter is on its way.

  21. My pick would be Marcus. I think spending eternity with someone you hate just to do the responsible thing and protect your true love is about the most you could ever ask of an immortal vampire. If he's willing to go that far, I think he would do whatever it took to win the day.
    I'd love to have one of your dogtags if I may. Thanks for the offer and being a part of this awesome hop.
    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  22. I'm going to go with Calvin. All of them were hot tho. Thought that Daniel was really good too. Thanks for being a part of the hop. I hope that you had a great weekend and have a good week. I would really love to have #1 the dog tag
    jessangil (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. The time for the awarding of prizes has now closed. But you are still welcomed to leave a comment, or comment on the blog hop. I had a great time and met some wonderful people.

    Please come back and visit me again. I'll be participating in two other blog hops coming up between now and New Years.

    Remember to vote! Remember the sacrifices our heroes have made so we can live how we get to live.

    Thanks everyone.

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