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On The Road Again

What was supposed to be a romantic weekend in Monterey with my husband has turned into something else. I’ve done a lot of adjusting these days. And gracefully. He came down with a bug, and, rather than expose me and others to it, decided to stay home.

I’m here to hear my friend, Tina Folsom, speak to the Monterey RWA chapter today. And, as luck would have it, we are going to be able to spend a little more time together, which I love doing with this prolific and creative writer who has inspired me greatly.

I was on my way last night to Moss Landing, and got lost, which is where all the real adventures lie, don’t they? Between rows of brussels sprouts and lettuce, dodging the big trucks and farm workers finishing out a week of toil in the fields, I felt lucky to be alive and able to watch, life just go on. Don’t know what excites me so much about brussels sprouts, but those beautiful plants did it for me. Row after row of perfectly formed, dark leafy green goodness, appearing to lack the aphids my plants often have. I sometimes wonder if it is worth it to even grow them in my garden. I’ve invested in scores of ladybug tubs, and though voracious eaters, I’m still stuck with those stubborn aphids. I refuse to spray.

Had dinner at Haute Enchilada, which was a really fun place, and managed to have an abstinent seafood dinner with local vegetables done to perfection. I picked out a dark corner, got out my laptop and worked on some social networking things.

I’m trying to finish my next SEAL book, Fallen SEAL Legacy, and I’m still about 20k from the end. I have about 40k words I won’t be using, but can use on other books. Not since my first book have I had to re-write so many chapters, but I’ve strengthened the story, and some things just take longer. I’m relaxing into that.

And what has happened? You can guess, if you know me well. Another story has come over me, and I’m taking notes so I don’t forget key points when I get ready to write it, which won’t be now until next year. It is another contemporary series, but with older H/H, and involves a heroine on a road trip after the death of her husband. No, this is not in any way biographical. My husband is, thankfully, very much alive. But I got to “feeling” this story as I listened to a lot of Pat Metheney, some new music by Lyle Mays and other things on the Sirrius Satellite network, which is the best thing about my new car.

Road trips give me time to think. So, while there was that momentary “aw shucks” when my husband told me he wouldn’t be going, I knew I’d make something productive and fun out of it. Have laptop will travel. I write well on the road, unlike lots of other writers. I don’t like everything in its place. I like variety, and get inspired by new places. And then I come home, for what I hope will be a home stretch where I can really polish up and finish this puppy.

These are pictures and a little of the feel of this area. No, there are no pictures of the looming power plant. Makes the growing brussels sprouts, art galleries and eclectic places like The Whole Enchilada or Haute Enchilada even more special. After all, we don’t live in a vaccuum. And I’m very grateful for the electricity which allows me to write, and to have readers find me.

I can’t imagine a life of standing by the side of the road hawking my books to bicyclists or horse and buggy goers. Life would indeed be different. I won’t have time to stop by again on my way to the meeting. I’m sure today will be just as filled with great memories.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are.

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    1. It was. And to top it all off, I dropped Tina off and got to see the Blue Angels fly overhead. I'm at the Presidio having a coffee and maybe a little writing.

      Honked at 2 Navy guys. Fleet Week here in San Francisco. God Bless them!!

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