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Welcome author Elysa Hendricks

Happy today to introduce you to a new author for me, Elysa Hendricks, a self-described author of multiple genres. Listen carefully to how she caught the writing bug-a tale similar to mine. Out of sad circumstances miracles happen. Sometimes we have to be reduced to the person we are in the wee small hours of the morning, where no one else is near, before we get in touch with that muse, that voice inside us that won’t be denied. Welcome to my place, Elyssa. So glad you are here with me today.

What genres do you write and why? Anything
interesting about how you got started? 
I write in a variety of romance sub-genres –
contemporary, western historical, fantasy and sci-fi. I let “the story”
decide which sub-genre it needs to be in.
You must meet my friend and fellow western historical writer, Arletta Dawdy. Tell me more about your journey.
I started writing one lonely Christmas Eve. My
sister-in-law passed away early that morning. My husband, his mother and
younger sister, as well as our older son, took the train to Phoenix to attend
the funeral. We postponed celebrating Christmas and I remained at home with our
younger son. That night, after putting him to bed, I sat down at my typewriter (yes,
I began writing long before computers were common) and started writing what I
thought was going to be a short contemporary romance. It turned out to be about
a winged, telepathic alien who stows away aboard a passing space ship. That
book is hidden under my bed guarded by killer dust bunnies. Maybe someday I’ll
resurrect and rewrite it. Maybe.
LOL. I think every writer has a few of those. One question I have is, do the bunnies read? I digress… Do you like writing in series, or single?
I enjoy writing both, but once I’ve created a
fictional world it’s fun to revisit it, so I have several books that are linked
together.  My western historical
romances THIS HEART FOR HIRE and HER WILD TEXAS HEART are companion books about a brother and sister surviving in the old west. My
sci-fi romances STAR CRASH   and STAR RAIDERS   are both set in the same
futuristic universe, a combination of Star Trek/Star Wars and Planet of the
Apes/Pirates of the Carribean. I also have a series of alternative universe fantasy
romances published by ImaJinn Books that are all linked together:
Wow. You are prolific. Did you get “the call” or did you get the call to
“go Indie?”
My first sale to a traditional publishing house
came via email, so I’ve never gotten “the call.” (Editor’s note: LOL) I’ve just recently
jumped into the self-publishing pond (ocean) with several books that I’ve
gotten my rights back on, as well as some new titles. I have a traditionally
published book DARK STAR DAWNING is coming out with ImaJinn Books in 2013. Because
I want to have my cake and eat it too, I intend to pursue both traditional
publishing and indie publishing.
Very savvy of you. A lot of traditionally published authors are doing the same. Many with great success. Who is your favorite character you’ve created? Why?
Since each character I create reflects a small part
(good and bad) of me, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I suppose if I had to
choose the one that reflects me the closest I’d say Brandon Alexander Davis,
the slightly neurotic hero of THE SWORD AND THE PEN
Do you find it easier to write the bad boys or the
good boys? I’m assuming both are heroic, but which ones are more fun to write?
While bad boys are more fun to read and sometimes
to write, they’re definitely NOT easy to write. Writing bad boys is nearly as
hard as living with one in “real” life. They’re strong, opinionated,
pushy, arrogant and always think they know better than the woman (or author) in
their lives.
I find it kind of sexy when they try to have their way with me. What about the heroines? Do you find it easiest to
write the bad girls or the good girls?
I’m of the opinion that there are no “bad
girls” just girls who haven’t found the right man yet, but both are tough
to write.
If you could have a date with one of your
characters, which one would it be and why? Where would you go?
I’m a one-man woman who has been married to the
love of her life for over forty years, so I’m not going to step out on him with
anyone, not even a fictional character. Besides, if I even tried, the woman in
that character’s life would get pissed at me and some of those ladies are
really, really tough.
If you could go to a desert island with two
companions, who would you bring? What would you do there? What would you bring
if you could bring anything?
I’d have to take my husband/best friend, and
Surviorman, Less Stroud. I think I’d bring along a portable generator that runs
on sea water. Need to have electricity for light, heat and running hot and cold
water. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what I’d be doing.
Love it! I have such an active imagination, too. Pretend you have just sold your 100,000th copy of
one of your books. What will you do to celebrate?
Since I celebrate each time I sell one book, I
probably wouldn’t do much different when I reach 100,000. Besides, I’m afraid
by the time it happens the only thing I’ll be capable of doing in celebration
is sipping my Ensure through a straw.
LOL, but you never can tell, right? Tell us something about you that most people
wouldn’t know or guess about you?
My life is pretty much an open book. Basically
boring and bland. No secrets. No skeletons. I’m 5’6″ tall. I have curly
hair and brown eyes. I’m an author, a wife, and a  mother. Everything
else is subject to change without notice. If you want to know more check out my
web site  or Like my Facebook page.  
Who are your favorite authors/books?
I’ve been reading for a long, long, long time, so
my list of favorite authors and books is extensive. Here are just a few of the
authors whose books are on my keeper shelf: Kathleen Woodiwiss, Susan Elizabeth
Phillips, Karen Robards, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov.
Some of my faves in there too. Especially Kathleen Woodiwiss. What are you working on now?

I have several projects actively in the works.
TANGO IN PARADISE is a contemporary adventure romance featuring an idealistic
schoolteacher and a mercenary caught in the middle of a South American
revolution. THE NINE LIVES OF THOMAS CASH RILEY is a humorous contemporary
fantasy romance that features a matchmaking cat. I’m also working on another
sci-fi romance in my Star Chronicles series. And I have about a dozen other
stories on simmer in the back of my mind just waiting to be written.

As a Thank You to everyone who stopped by today I’d
like to offer you a FREE ebook – your choice of one of the following titles
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Contemporary Fantasy
It was time. After penning ten popular sword-and-sorcery novels, Brandon
Alexander Davis was ready to move on. Ready to stop hiding in his fictional
world. Ready to start living a real life. There was just one problem: as he
plotted the noble death of Serilda D’Lar, his fictional creation, complete with
mile-long sword, skimpy leather outfit and badass attitude, appeared in his
Was she nothing more than a crazy fan, or had Brandon finally cracked?
This warrior woman whom he knew so well, so strong yet vulnerable, was
both fantasy and reality. She was an invitation to rediscover all he once
knew–that life is an incredible, magical journey and, for love, any man can be
a hero.
She poked him in the arm with the tip of her sword.
“Ow!” Brandon scooted back, nearly under his desk.
“Warrior? Priest? Sorcerer?” She crouched down to rest on her
heels, and stared at him. The position put her full breasts nearly in his face.
“Definitely not a warrior.” She pinched his arm. “You have
muscle, but not enough to wield a sword in battle. No courage, either. Priest?
Unlikely. They don’t fear the sword. Only their god makes them cower.  Wizard? Perhaps, but not one of any
power, or else I’d be at your feet. So…you’re the wizard’s assistant most
likely.” As if satisfied with her conclusion, she rose to her feet.
“Get up. I’ll not harm you. I wish to speak to your master. He and
I have business to discuss.”
Brandon eyed the woman warily. Though her speech and clothing were odd,
she sounded and looked extremely familiar. Why? Was she a crazy fan he’d
somehow communicated with before?
To be honest, she bore a striking resemblance to Serilda, if shorter.
She was five feet seven or eight inches, rather than six feet, and she was less
buxom and had softer features than the character he’d ultimately developed.
Despite the trampy clothing and hard scowl, she was attractive. Short
reddish blonde curls framed an elfin face. Dark lashes fringed large, cat-like
green eyes. Sun-kissed skin covered high cheekbones, and her lips, though
currently set in a hard line, were full and red.
“I said get up!” She grabbed his arm and hauled him to his
He was surprised that, when he stood, he topped her by a good six inches
and probably outweighed her by sixty pounds. That size difference gave him a
bit of confidence, but the nasty-looking sword she held with such
self-assurance negated it. One could never trust the actions of a crazy person.
“Who are you?” She looked him up and down then seemed to
dismiss him.
“Brandon Alexander Davis. This is my home.”
Unimpressed, she laughed. “Brandon? What kind of name is that? Bran
is what I eat to ease my bowels.”
Heat crept up Brandon’s neck. “Who the hell are you? And what are
you doing here in that ridiculous costume?”
“Who I am and” — two spots of color stained her cheeks —
“what I wear is a matter I will discuss with your master. Where is he? Has
he run to hide from me? It will do him no good. I’m determined to find him and
solve this.”
“I don’t have a master. I live here alone.” Damn! Why had he
told her that? He eased back from the lunatic toward the phone. Could he wrest
the sword away from her before then?
His size would be an advantage, but even standing at ease, the woman
radiated strength and skill. The odds seemed against him. To win he’d have to
hit her– hard– and he doubted he could bring himself to do so. The lessons of
chivalry his grandmother had taught were too deeply ingrained. In that way, he
and Donoval were of one mind. No matter how greatly provoked, men didn’t hit
Although, the thought of wrestling with this woman was appealing.
“No master? Do not lie to me.” The lunatic’s fingers flexed
around the hilt of her sword.
“Why would I lie?” he snapped. “It’s obvious your beef is
with someone else. If I knew who and where he was, why would I protect
“Because you’re a coward. A powerful sorcerer inspires fear if not
loyalty in his minions. But you should fear me more than him,” she warned.
“There is no him! I’m the only one here. And I’m not a
coward.” Being called one triggered something inside him. Having phobias
about crowds, insects and small furry animals didn’t make him a coward. Not
She gave him a thoughtful look. “Is it possible? Are you the
“The one what?”
She ignored his question and studied him. Her intense perusal made him
“Why didn’t I see the resemblance?” she murmured.
“What resemblance?” He didn’t like the turn of this
conversation. Come to think of it, he hadn’t liked the original direction,
“To Donoval. You are him– in form at least.” A bit of fear
crossed her features, though anger quickly erased it. “I’m loath to believe
it, but you are the wizard. Did you construct me so you could play God in my
world? Does it give you pleasure to toy with me?”
“What the hell are you talking about? Play God? I’m just a writer
trying to make a living. I write stories for people to read and enjoy. It’s
just entertainment.”
Thank you so much Elysa. Commenters, please leave a coded email address in your comments for a chance to win the freebies. 

I’ve really enjoyed having you here today. Always fun to find another new writer (to me) and another one who is so prolific. Good luck with your continued success!

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