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Happy Halloween

Just a few little pictures to remind you of this time of year. I’ve been taking a bit of a break, being guested on other’s blogs.

We’ve got rain tonight, and the Giant’s parade was wet, but typically San Francisco.

But I still feel sorry for the kids. Rain really spoils Halloween, IMHO.

With all the election hoopla, I admit to being a little burned out. There is so much at stake and people are mincing over soundbites. And now with the massive storms in the east coast, so many people are hurting.

The economy sucks–can we just say it like it is instead of pretending everything is great? After all, you can’t change anything unless you first acknowledge what’s so. Truth is in short supply these days.

But most important, let’s not forget our men and women who have to face danger every day. I know many of them wish they were home to help their families in their time of need. I hope they stay safe and understand we apreciate them, and haven’t forgotten what they are doing, and why. They do it so we can have a life.

Even at our worst, we still have the best country in the world. I hope it stays that way for generations to come. Time to stand up and be strong. Tell the truth. Give thanks.

I hope that we never lose sight of that.

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