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California Dreamin’ or The Love of Muscle Cars and Chop Rods

I should be writing. Well, I am writing, but my husband and I took a detour tonight to go visit some eye candy of the motor vehicle kind. What an event. I’m sure, while I’m pounding away at the words, hubster will be back drooling and counting his pennies. That man deserves a hobby and a nice older vehicle, and we’ve had several. We still have the pickup he used to ride to school in some 60 years ago. Not that it runs.

But boy do these bad boys run. Beautiful as stock cars. Beautiful chopped and made into works of art, certainly not cars. The love of muscle cars and custom rods is as American as Apple Pie.

I am actually at a loss for words. So I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Sharon is working on Book 3 in the SEAL Brotherhood, a fast-paced Amazon Best-Selling series. Marliss Melton, famous for her SEAL Team 12 stories, said, “Sharon reads like rich chocolate.”

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  1. Amy loves old cars, she cant drive but she loves to see all the beautiful wood panels and what they did with the chrome. The seats are usually different colour leathers and textures. I know shed love a Morgan sports car

    1. Morgans are beautiful. A roommate of mine in college had one. But it smoked worse than we did.

      We have an active muscle car enthusiast population here in Sonoma county. Actually, all of California is car crazy, especially for hot rods and custom jobs.

  2. Every Friday night at the original Big Boys in the L.A. area, the classic cars gather in the parking lot. Amazing!

  3. When I went to Santa Clara, they used to gather at the Big Boys there too. First time I learned about real burgers and shakes so thick you had to use a spoon. Those were the days…

  4. A couple of days ago there was a huge display of antique and classic cars in Thunder Bay ON –and what a collection it was. Beautifully restored vehicles. Works of art! We really enjoyed seeing them. Thanks for sharing your pics!

    1. As close to Heaven as I can think of. My hubby was drooling all day yesterday. Like a swarm of bees, they were back in downtown Santa Rosa all along 4th Street, where some of them "tooled" back in the day, before the custom stuff and the flashy paint. Energy still the same. As I said to another commenter, I was afraid of car guys when I was in high school–until I married one!

      Nice to see you here.

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