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Welcome Charlene Wilson: The Transformation of Anna

Thrilled today to welcome my good friend and fellow Ravencraft Romance Realm sister, Charlene Wilson. Don’t forget to enter the drawing at the end of this post. Welcome, Charlene!
Thank you for having me on your blog, Sharon. It’s always a pleasure to be here. *smile*
Through the rush to meet deadlines, get kids to band and flag line practice, organization meetings, and church (along with the daily Mom and wife and Grandma caregiver things I just have to get done), I find escape in the sheer pleasure of turning the pages of a book and losing myself in the lives of fictional characters. Most especially, the romantic characters! They’re able to wisp me a mountain top for an early brunch, or make my heart triple beat as I experience love through their eyes and emotions. I forget the world. Forget that long drive to Forest City for the competitions. Forget to make dinner. (Oh, did I say that out loud?)
I’ll be honest, it’s one of the reasons I became a writer of science fiction/fantasy, to delve into a totally different world than my own so I could leave it all behind if even for a moment while stuck in traffic or on the Tram. Stories are magic and writing, the spell book.
In my revised version of the first two books of my Cornerstone Deep series, The Transformation of Anna and Echoes, spells and magic couldn’t be more real. Cole learns this in a very hard way as he follows a duty and then finds out it’d gone too far without realizing it. This catapults the Cornerstone Deep series into a race to make things right. And along their way, they discover many things that are hard learned. But one thing stays strong, Cole’s love for Mianna.
These are perfect chilly night cuddle up night-time reads! And The Transformation of Anna is on sale now at Smashwords at 50% off when you use the coupon code LD93R.
The Transformation of Anna
For centuries, Cole Shilo has harvested the homeless, wiped their memories, and delivered them as servants to the nobles of Cornerstone Deep.  When Cole is sent to harvest a second-class woman who has broken curfew, he expects no different.  But Anna Sinclair’s soul calls out to him.  Soul mates aren’t possible on Cornerstone Deep…
Are they?
“My life is a mirage of endless time. But you engulf me, rivet my mind, encompass my soul.”
 What they’re saying:
“The Transformation of Anna is first-rate fantasy, with a healthy dose of romance added in. Wilson has created a plausible, multi-dimensional world complete with gods, mythologies, and engaging characters. The world Wilson has created in The Transformation of Anna is complex, but infinitely and easily accessible to the reader. It’s quite an amazing and impressive work with lots of action and adventure, heroic characters, and an elegant and satisfying romance.”–Jack Mangus, Readers’ Favorite
“The Transformation of Anna by Charlene A. Wilson is a beautifully stunning and deeply touching story of the darkest of treachery, the rebirth of lost love, and the discovery of hidden secrets. Being left absolutely breathless and deeply astonished after reading such an extraordinary story is a new experience for me. I am anything but disappointed in this superbly enchanting and endearingly exhilarating tale of deeply true and lasting love. My heart was captured and lost to this spellbinding journey!”–Amber McCallister, The Wonderings of One Person.
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 Cole unstopped the slender vial and gently lifted Anna’s head to administer the potion. As he carefully tipped the container to her lips, tremors traveled down his forearms. His hands quaked. The amber liquid jumped to the brim and he quickly tilted it upright. Gods, Cole, control yourself. She needs every drop.
A soft palm rested on his wrist and Cole’s gaze shot to Elaina’s. When had she returned and how did he not pick up on the strong compassion emitting from her when she had? Her blue eyes looked deep into his, understanding with a touch of sadness. “Let me do that, Cole. You’ve been through enough.”
He wasn’t sure if the tremors were from anticipating a fortunate outcome or from sheer anxiety over the whole ordeal, but he accepted her tender attention as a blessing. Vincent’s intervention with her was evident. He watched as she patiently poured small measures into Anna’s mouth.
Elaina turned to Cole and lifted the emptied container. “Well, that’s it. She got it all.”
He sighed. “Thank you.”
“Anything, Cole.” She smiled and set the vial on the bed stand. “What about you? Can I get you a drink? It might calm you some.”
Nodding, he offered a small smile.
“Good, then. I’ll be right back.”
As she closed the door behind her, Cole eased himself onto the bed. “Don’t give up, Anna.” His faint words were swallowed by the silence of the room. “I’ll fix this and see to it nothing ever happens to you again.” Brushing his fingertips over her hair, he solemnly whispered a plea. “Don’t leave me.”
Her soft locks sent countless memories rushing through his mind–her smile, cheeky comments, blue eyes dancing as if life itself was a game. Her Arylinite spirit embraced every moment of love, able to see beneath façades that others deemed as truth. He sighed, knowing that side of her may have been unique to that lifetime–a result of her specialized upbringing in the Arylin colony of the northern territory.
He tilted his head and gazed over her still face. Her features were remarkably similar to Mianna’s. The gentle slope of her nose, the way she chose to wear her dark hair long, and he couldn’t deny her blue eyes when she’d looked at him. He cupped her cheek with his hand, gently stroking her lips with his thumb. They curved from a bow-tie center into a natural smile. So soft. Inviting. He leaned to her and lightly kissed them, then leaned his cheek to hers.
“Talk to me, Anna.” His breath was a plea. As much as he knew no answer would come, his heart called to her with his deepest wish.
He brushed his fingers down her neck to her chest, tenderly caressing her pale skin at the neckline of her gown. A strained pause caught his throat as he lightly followed her breast to her ribcage. “What’s in your heart?”
The tiny circles he drew on the thin fabric fed his longing for her touch. Supple creases followed his motion. To have her arms around him, the love they brought, had given him unmitigated comfort in a past life. It could be so again.
“My life was yours.” He kissed the circles he created. “Every moment, I found joy in you.”
He looked at her closed eyes. “Please, don’t leave me. Please promise you’ll be mine again.”
No emotion showed upon the visage of his love, but distant echoes of vows lighted his soul.
“Open to me.” He wondered if his whispered thought could possibly reach her unconscious mind. “Speak to me with your soul.”
Her lips parted and a chill flew through him. He waited, listened intently. Weak sensations touched his senses. “Anna,” he said aloud, hope rising. He cupped his palm to her cheek again. “Fight for it. Call to me.”
Anna remained silent.
Cole’s heart ached. Yet, that small reaction spurred his resolve. He framed her face as he lowered to take her lips with his. “I’ll help you.”
The scent of licorice and cream fell from his lips as he called on his Breath of Zephyr. His soul’s voice owned his words. “My life is a mirage of endless time. But you engulf me, rivet my mind, encompass my soul.”
She inhaled his sensual gift and gasped for deeper intake.
Yes. Hope impossibly filled him. His muscles tightened with expectation. His heart pounded against his chest. “Call to me!”
Cornerstone Deep book two
To be released November 10th, 2013
 Nothing is sacred to Cole when it comes to keeping his love – not even covenants made with gods, and when Lord Dressen’s obsession to have Anna soars, Cole pulls out all the stops.  But, through all his efforts, lofty or damned, the truth remains. 
Will echoes of another life cause him to fail?
“Every breath you take is a song to my soul.”
What they’re saying:
“Echoes is the second installment in Wilson’s Cornerstone Deep series, and was just as much a pleasure to read as the first. The timeless love story is brought to life in a new and creative way that pulls at your heartstrings and keeps you reading….”–Annette, Gothic Mom Reviews

“A touching and magickal romance story, Echoes picks right up where The Transformation of Anna left off. Charlene pens her characters well written and brings them to life in this fast paced, totally hard to put down sequel. Recommended for all romance and paranormal romance fans.”–My Cozy Corner

Charlene A. Wilson is an author of tales that take you to other dimensions. She weaves magic, lasting love, and intrigue to immerse you into the lives of her characters.
She began writing in her early teens when her vivid dreams stayed with her long after she had them. The characters and worlds were so amazing she brought them to life through her books.
Charlene resides in a small community in Arkansas, USA, with her two beautiful daughters, husband, and a very chatty cockatiel named Todder.
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  1. Thank you for having Charlene on your blog today Sharon! Charlene, your books sound beautifully intriging and I will definitely be putting them on my list!

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