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Putting My SEALs in Audio

I’ve been spending the last two weeks working on my audiobook version of Accidental SEAL. I’ve learned so much in the process. My narrator, J.D. Hart, is an accomplished actor, recording artist and spokesperson for Chevrolet and other campaigns. I am so fortunate to have stumbled upon him, and quite by accident. Just like in the book, the things that have happened by accident have turned out to be the things I’ve needed the most. I listened to an interview with him from a Nashville Podcast and have permission to share it with you.

Fate works in strange ways. His story is laced with things similar to mine, although his was music/entertainment and my trajectory was toward going for a big Big 6 contract. I’m proudly an Indie Author, not because I wasn’t good enough for New York, but because I followed the path, like JD did, of being true to myself. What works for me might not work for everyone. And I certainly don’t have nearly all the answers. Like I used to say to my Real Estate coaching clients, “I know what I think I know but I can put it aside for what I have yet to learn.”

Listen to him talk about being authentic and following his passion. Talks about what he wanted to do, and how his “hats” have changed over the years. Fascinating story. Listen to how he continually tries new things, hones his craft and is true to himself. How he works so hard getting noticed, connecting with good people all around him. His reading my audio book is more than just an accident, Deepok Chopra would call it Syncrodestiny.

He does all my characters. In fact, I didn’t realize I had so many characters until I started listening to him narrate. I know, you’re shaking your head, saying, how could she not know, but I didn’t even think about it. He “gets” them so that I get to hear these guys out loud just like I’ve heard them in my head. Only an author who has done this knows what this feels like.

The whole process, for my first time, has been nearly seamless. Big learning curve for sure. But I willingly embark upon the next great adventure as we bring to you Fallen SEAL Legacy.

We’ve even added my favorite clip from Two Steps From Hell, Undying Love (by permission) to the audio book. Enjoy!

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  1. Sharon – I'm so excited to hear about your newest venture…and J.D. Hart sounds amazing;) Oh, yeah;)

    Congrats on stepping outside the box and feeling the synchrodestiny (I love that word!). Thanks for sharing, Sharon.

  2. Hi Sharon, I just wanted to say that I love "Accidental Seal". I have it on Audible and J. D. Hart's voice just blew me away. Seriously between the two of you, you've left me no good for anything, no housework, no food prepared, no dogs walked, NOTHIN'! I'm about to start to listen to "Fallen Seal Legacy" and will be getting the rest of them as they become available. I heard J.D.'s sample of "Cruisin for a Seal", is that book 5???? Please don't let Audible change the narrator to anyone else (sometimes they do stuff like that). Your SEALS need a MANS VOICE and J. D. is it. Thanks to you both for cheering-up my otherwise grey days, Conchita xoxoxox

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