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SEAL Encounter Free! Limited Time Only!

SEAL Encounter, prequel novella to the SEAL Brotherhood series is FREE this Thursday and Friday ONLY!  
If you are curious about the military romance and the hot, bestselling SEAL Brotherhood series, now is your chance to see what it’s all about!  Get SEAL Encounter, the prequel novella to the series for Free this Thursday and Friday, July 31-August 1 Only!  The sale is running at Amazon US.
[button link=”″ type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Get it Now![/button]About SEAL Encounter: 

This is a short piece written to introduce you to my characters, Kyle and Christy. 
This is a private glimpse into the hearts and minds of these fictional SEALs, their community, and the women who are lucky enough to be loved by them. Their brotherhood, loyalty and mission to protect and defend, sometimes at great personal cost, is what makes them heroes. They do so quietly, not seeking public recognition. 
If you enjoy this piece, I hope that you will continue along the journey in my full length novel, Accidental SEAL, and read how these two get together, and fight dangers that threaten to keep them apart. 
Christy and Kyle meet quite by accident in the very first chapter, and not in any way you could predict. But rest assured, they will find themselves together at the end in an intense and passionate relationship on purpose. 

Happy Reading!

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  1. Sharon,

    Thank you very much for my free copy of Seal Encounter! I look forward to a great read.


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