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SUNDAYS WITH SHARON: Journeys Through Doorways and Gates



We grace many doorways and walk through many gates. Some of those were locked, some were left ajar so we’d find our way onto the garden paths that take us on life’s journeys. I love doorways, gates and unexpected voyages.

I started photographing doors, gates and pathways some years ago, and I think I probably have enough for a nice colorful picture book. Perhaps some day I’ll collaborate with someone who knows how to do this, and will produce one. But more important to me is the significance of gates and doorways, what they mean to all of us in the larger sense of life.

None of us knows what will befall us when we start out on our journeys. I like the accidents best because it teaches us how flexible we can be in the face of usually our own fears. Just like Robert Frost said in his wonderful poem, Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening, which was read at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep.” This poem and Robert Frost’s reading was not supposed to be on the program. Kennedy’s featured poet (sorry, name escapes me), came down with a cold and could not speak. At the last minute Robert Frost was asked to do it. And he chose this poem, which was one of Kennedy’s favorites, and history was made. It talks about choices, and which path to take, and whether or not it did or didn’t make a difference.

The process of being a writer is about making choices with the lives of our characters. We decide what to put in, what to reveal, or hint at and reveal later. We decide to show an awkward moment, or that moment when suddenly a sunny window in the heart opens up and true love is first revealed in the warm apricot glow that true love lives in. I think of my characters sometimes as curious children, finding something to explore, and then finding the Secret Garden where all things miraculous happen. 

What makes a good book a wonderful one we’ll fall in love with is in the choosing choosing Like a good chef, just the right amount of spice and aroma. Like a painter, just enough color and texture. Like a songbird or a storyteller, just the right amount of passion in the voice or the soothing words of love that helps the body to vibrate to some mythical pattern somewhere between sound, color, space and emotion.

That’s where I live. When they say a tale is woven, it is true. One golden thread at a time. We suspend disbelief. We believe in angels. We believe in true love that never dies. We believe in heroes that ultimately become greater than they ever thought possible. We believe in that perfect place, that Happily Ever After.

It’s always there. It’s just around the bend. Beyond that closed gate that opens with a loud metallic creek. Just beyond where we hear the sound of running water, the music of our souls, the sounds of birds calling to us, and the way our hearts feel when we are on an adventure. Or when we stand very near those we love.

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  1. We are all curious children aren't we Sharon? I love the exploring and finding that secret garden where all things miraculous happen. The journeys through the doorways and gates can sometimes be a chilling entry. But if we allowed fear to keep us from going through, we would never experience the fullness and the beauty of life. I love the quote, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but rather by the moments that take our breath away. Keep writing and continue to touch our hearts with your stories of truth, hardship, love and most of all that "Happily Ever After". You take us to that secret garden with an abundance of sound, color, space and emotion.

  2. Sharon, this post really spoke to me. I found my husband the first time at age 14 when he was fresh out of the Navy. He was visiting my late sister and husband and I was cleaning cabins at Log Cabin Court. It was my first job and he was so cute! Little did I know that door would open again on my 18th birthday when my brother-in-law again brought the cute Navy guy to my family birthday party.

    Now the door was wide open again and he was standing in it. We fell madly in love and were married 8 months later. He has stood by my side for 36 years, through thick and thin and all of my health woes. All because my brother-in-law decided to bring his best friend to my birthday.

    So yes, doorways are beautiful but it takes someone to walk through the doorway to find what is in store.

    Your stories have all of the above doorways with the heroes and the strong women who stand by them and they both find happily ever after with each other.

  3. Ah, the stuff of life. You captured what I was trying to say and that is so wonderful. That is such a love story. Belongs in one of my books. Yes, we never know what adventures are in store for us, and so affirming when we can find fellow travelers. It is my mission in life to touch people in their hearts and souls, and so gratifying to hear that it touched your heart today as well. Keep living the dream. I believe in true love. Your Navy man sounds like a keeper, and a hero. Anyone who wears the uniform is a hero, but Navy guys especially! {{wink wink}} I've been with my hero now for 43 years, and I completely understand.

  4. Thank you so much, J.D. Yes, I know you above all others, understand these doorways and journeys. I value that you are along side me as I walk these paths. We do have adventures, don’t we? And may be never stop having them, and touching the lives of all those around us.
    Thank you for being here today on a day I needed it especially.

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