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To celebrate Red Friday, here’s a tease for you guys who follow the blog.  This hasn’t had the final finishes, but you get the general idea..  Enjoy! Tell all your friends!

(Excerpt SEAL My Home):

As she opened the front door to her little bungalow, feeling the closeness of this man, observing how her body reacted to the smell of him and the heat he emitted, she knew she was crossing a threshold that was ill planned and not carefully thought out. If he said one nice thing to her, one thing that smacked of a line or a practiced salesman’s pitch, she’d ask him to leave. Oddly enough, she didn’t want anything but the sex. The promises and words were what were damaging. The sex, she thought would be good for her.

What’s up with that?

            Her nerves were frazzled. She dropped her keys and kept her back to the stranger who was now standing in her darkened living room, who now deftly descended upon her like those dark vamps she liked to read about. She felt the vibration in the room when he breathed. Her ears buzzed. Her chest heaved as he touched her neck with the back of his fingers. She held her breath, waiting.

“You’re nervous,” he whispered.

It made her eyes water. She nodded. It was a little reveal, like peeling back one thin layer of an onion. One step closer to intimacy to let him know how she felt.

“I won’t hurt you,” he said.

It did cheer her slightly as she realized he was waiting for her to react, give him a sign she was willing.

Am I? Is this the right time and place?

            But was there ever any perfect time or place? She knew she’d have to some day get over the fear her heartache would eclipse her future and make it difficult to feel anything for any man again.

“Come here, Megan,” he said, even though she could feel his hard body pressed against her backside. Again, he waited. Damned he was slow. From what her girlfriend had said, these guys liked to get it on and get it on a lot. And they liked rough sex, or at least her friend’s husband did. Was it wrong that Megan was hoping for something other than ropes and handcuffs? Something soft and slow to build? Her insides had the potential to warm, but that still left them stone cold.

“Please?” he continued.

Relentless. Confident. He’ll never give up, will he? At least not until he gets what he came for.

Against the alarms screaming out of control in her head, she turned and focused on his lips. He inhaled and carefully removed her dark-rimmed glasses, setting them down on the table by her keys. He removed the clip holding her hair and let it fall, running his fingers through it. She felt his muscled arm drawing her in, the musky scent of his chest, the roughness of the stubble he’d not shaved off today. Deep inside his chest came the sound of a wounded animal just before he said her name.


View SEAL My Home Book Trailer here.

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