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Today we welcome author Emlyn Chand, celebrating the release of her new book, Farsighted. Loved this trailer and the blurb. See if you don't agree this is such an interesting premise. No wonder it is an award-winner. BLURB: Alex Kosmitoras…

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$50,000 Fingernails

These don't look like $50,000 fingernails, but they are. I'm having them removed today. I've been having my nails done for 25 solid years--since before my third child was born. It has cost me about $100-$150 per month for each…

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Can a Vampire Love an Angel?

Absolutely! Had a wonderful time last night at the Afterlife Party in San Francisco at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. My husband and I have never done this sort of thing. It was fun planning the costumes, putting on the makeup…

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Good Bye Old Friend

Attended a memorial ceremony for an old friend today. I knew half of him, or I guess I could say 1/3 of him, since we knew him for only 1/3 of his lifespan. We met him as an architect, and…

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French Laundry’s Gardens

My husband and I jumped in the car, drove over the hill to Yountville, and strolled through the French Laundry's vegetable garden. I have always loved that place. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that costs on average $1200…

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Expect Miracles

I am filled with gratitude beyond belief. Maybe this is supposed to be my natural state of being. Someone is definitely looking out for me. Even woke up on Wednesday after a pedicure. There were sparkles on my toes. My…

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Heavenly Lover is Here

I found out the hard way that the title of your Indie-pubbed book does make a difference. I loved the title of my paranormal romance, Angel. It finaled in contests under that name. I liked the simplicity of the one word…

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

The sun'll come out tomorrow, Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, There'll be sun. Just thinkin' about tomorrow, Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow, 'Til there's none. I love happy endings. One of my favorite musicals is Annie. I've…

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