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Kate Douglas-I’m a Fan!

Kate Douglas was interviewed today on another blog I am a part of: I got to spend some time with her recently in NYC and she was a kick. Both of us traveled all the way from California, and…

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It All Started In A Garden

My love of gardening has spanned over 40 years. I love the seasons, every single one of them. In Northern California we get to garden year round. I find it relaxing, soothing, and something I just must do every day.There…

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I found this saying on the back of a van at Hook & Ladder winery in Santa Rosa off Occidental Road. Life is about things that happen while you are doing other things. John Lennon said it much better than…

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Book of Mormon

My RWA chapter mate, Sherril Green, and I attended the Book of Mormon at the RWA Convention last week in NYC. We kept looking at ourselves as the production ran, "Did they really say that?" I kept looking around to…

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Mingling with Superstars

Just by chance, there was an open seat next to Sharon Sala for our luncheon. She's very soft spoken in a room of 2000 other women, munching down on our salads. Blessed with having the same first name, she promised…

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Don’t Give Up

I had a full day yesterday. We had the keynote luncheon speech by Sherrilyn Kenyon and today I got to talk with her for a few minutes and get her to sign her book.She has been on the NYT Best-Seller…

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Tips from Diana Gabaldon

Today I got the opportunity to hear Diana Gabaldon, Tess Gerritsen and Steve Berry on a panel discussion during our Opening Session. Of the many words of wisdom they shared with all of us, most striking were the comments from…

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40 Years of Romance

I have been fortunate to share most of my adult life with my husband of 40 years this June. (Yes, I was indeed a child bride). I knew almost from the first time I saw him that I would marry…

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Welcome Tara Lain

Welcome to Tara Lain, who is guesting at my blog today, and promoting her book: The Scientist and the Super Model. Tara and I met online at a Savvy Authors workshop and have been crit partners. She writes beautiful male…

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