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Welcome Author Tina Folsom

I am pleased to welcome an incredible writer, and one of my best writing friends, Tina Folsom. You may have read recently in Forbes and the Washington Post how such talented writers as Bella Andrade and Carolyn Jewel have had huge financial success by releasing their backlists to the self-publishing craze. These are agented, writers with years of publishing background.What makes Tina’s story so compelling is that she has done it without an agent. And she has done this without a backlist of titles released previously. She is definitely one to watch, and a writer who not only shows talent, but commitment to her craft and her readers. No wonder she has exploded on the scene. A Writer’s Life By Tina Folsom, San Francisco, California When I started out writing, I had a definite preconceived idea of what life as a writer was like: long stretches of sitting behind my computer, writing eagerly, would be interspersed with tea breaks and contemplating looks out through the window, then long lunches with my girlfriends, a little shopping in between. And by four p.m. my work for the day would be done, and I’d prepare a leisurely dinner for me and my husband or make a reservation at a nearby restaurant. But becoming a writer was nothing like I’d imagined, yet everything I wanted. My day starts early: I rise before 7 a.m. After a quick cup of coffee, I’m already at the computer, checking emails, sales statistics and sales rankings and make sure that all my books are still showing up at the various retailers. I’m a little paranoid that way, but after the things that have happened at various online retailers over the last few months (and I’m not naming names), I find it prudent to make sure my books are still for sale. Once some of the admin work is out of the way, and I’ve replied to reader emails and guest blog requests, I start writing. I try to get about 4 – 5 hours of pure writing time in every day. On most days this translates to about 2000 – 3000 words or 8 – 12 pages double-spaced. But if I thought that my day would then wind down, I was sadly mistaken. The rest of the afternoon and early evening is often spent with marketing tasks. Whenever I find a new retailer to upload my books to, a whole process of formatting and marketing starts. Only recently, I started uploading my books to the Apple iBookstore and had to discover that even though my ePub looked perfectly formatted on my computer, when I bought a test copy for my iPad, most of the formatting was gone: no indents, no justified text, no italics, no centered headings. It was a disaster. That’s when my real work started: I had to find out why my perfect ePub was suddenly not so perfect anymore. Needless to say, I spend hours correcting things and re-uploading. I’m a perfectionist that way. Now, every time I upload a new book somewhere, I purchase a copy for the appropriate device and make sure it looks all right. Would a publisher do that for you? Not sure. But frankly, that’s why I’m self-published, so I can control every aspect of my books. So, while other authors out there tell me that they don’t want to be both publisher and author, but would rather just concentrate on writing, I can’t let go of either. And even though it often is double the work, and many days I work 12 hours, I also reap all the rewards: I don’t have to share my royalties with an agent or a publisher. But what’s even more rewarding is the knowledge that I was able to do it all myself. With the help of my faithful readers, of course, because without them, my books would be languishing on the digital shelf.Thank you, Tina. I am sure you have inspired other writers to follow in your footsteps. What amazing opportunities we have now as writers in this dynamic, changing arena. As usual, the generous sharing of your success helps us all to reach for the stars. Brava!Stop by, and if you leave a comment on Sharon’s blog post, you’ll be entered to win an autographed paperback of Venice Vampyr – The Beginning (Novellas 1 – 3).www.tinawritesromance.comhttp://authortinafolsom.blogspot.com
All Tina’s books are available from, and other onlineretailers.

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  1. Tina – you are such an inspiration! And so generous about sharing your hard-earned knowledge about the crazy new world of digital publishing!

  2. Tina, you are such an incredible writer, with so much energy and kindness! You lead the way for many of us and learn from your success. Congrats!!!

    Waving to Sharon!!! Hope you're good!!

  3. Thanks Miranda & Cathy. I love showing other writers what I've learned so far.
    Virna, glad to see you're back! Hope you enjoyed Ireland!
    Escape to Fiction, sometimes I wish I could sleep longer, but over night my characters come up with all those scenes that they want me to write, so I just get up!
    Sharon, certain things even I don't share!

  4. Tina,
    We've had some Blogger gremlins today and several people have not gotten online to leave you a message. Carly Carson (waving hi to Carly) tried 3 times and got locked out.

    And Jolene:


    That's amazing and it's all paid off. You keep yourself busy and all the hard work you do shows how much you care about your work, even that you purchase a copy to see how it's formatted. I've bought a few books on my kindle that were notably off. Just something that makes me pause for a moment as I take it in. Just have to say that as a reader we appreciate all your hard work and the love you put into it. This is stuff that we pick up on and it's something that makes me stick to an author. Thanks for sharing

  5. Julia, self-publishing can be scary, but if you have the drive, you'll succeed. There's lots to learn, but there's also a really good community out there with a lot of knowledge. I got many of my questions asked on kindleboards.

    Jennifer & Jolene, thanks for stopping by!

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