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Welcome Author Charlene Wilson

Today, I’m hosting talented author, and sister blogger on Ravencraft Romance Realm,  Charlene Wilson, who is celebrating the release of her new book, in a followup to her Cornerstone Deep series, Cornerstone Deep Echoes. Welcome, Charlene!
Tell me how you got started?
Back when I began writing as a teen, I never would have dreamed my stories would ever make it to publication.  Well, I might have dreamed about it.  But, never believed or expected to see it happen.  From the time I was little, my imagination carried me to wherever I wanted to go, gave me everything I wanted to have, and became any kind of friend I wanted.  
I was born in Florida, and with a father that loved to wander the states, I’ve lived all over this country. We finally settled in a small community in Arkansas where nature sings all around me, from the birds in the countless trees to the cows in the fields across the way. (Yeah, they call it lowing. I call it singing). I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters, a fuzzy dog named KooJo, and a gray cat, Chester. I still imagine friends in far-away places.  Now, though, I write them down and share them with others.
Sounds idyllic. Yes, cows do sing. But then, so do chickens. They tell you when they’re happy, or when they’re stressed. When did you learn you were destined to be a writer?
I was labelled a writer when I was 16.  I would write short stories about dreams I had and shared them with my friends.  For a time there I even wrote short plays that my youth group acted out for family and friends.  I guess I’ll never know what everyone really thought about the productions, but we had so much fun and I’m sure our parents were just happy to have something to keep their kids occupied and out of trouble.  Lol. 
Tell us about one of your first stories, or favorites? 
One of the short story favourites was called Misty Moon.  I was shocked when a few years ago I ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen since my youth.  Honestly, I didn’t remember her until she reminded me that she was a friend of a friend.  She had been invited to a church youth function and evidently on the way (it was an hour drive to the dance), I shared my stories…as usual.  Well, she was all smiles and told me she remembered Misty Moon and actually told the story to her children at story time before bed.  I was floored and a little shy about it all.  She asked if I still wrote and, of course, I had to tell her about my published work.
Awesome, Charlene. Compelling enough for her to tell her children. That’s the best kind of comment a writer can have. Do all your stories come from dreams?
Several of my stories come from dreams I’ve had:  Scenes, settings, plots…  And many of the attitudes and personalities woven into the characters are taken from those I worked with while serving as a Deputy at a large detention center.  You can find it all in those places.  Kindness, bigotry, spirituality, opportunism; the variety of personal outlooks is amazing.
I agree. I heard stories from my BIL who was a probation officer. Where did you get the idea for Lord Dressen?  
Lord Dressen’s character from Cornerstone Deep Echoes was very easy for me to write..  He’s the villain of the story.  
Forcing his gaze to view the broad city of Shilo, he anchored his chosen destiny. Terra runs through my blood. Nobility courses through my veins. I am Lord Kyle Dressen. And I’m one step away from having Anna…Mianna at my side. Tension eased as he focused on his domain. No one held a higher position, more respect, or more power.
He peered back at the bluff and greed curled his lips. But what of beyond? Realms. Rich with possibility.
His baritone voice rasped as he spoke. “Soon.” He nodded in agreement with his thoughts. “Craft and deed will take me to you.”
Though, he does have his reasons for doing the things he does.   Then, don’t we all.  Life is just complicated.  I don’t believe anyone is all good or completely bad. 
So perhaps he’ll have a turning? A next book? Someone to redeem him? What about your hero, Cole? 
Cole, the hero of the story, is pretty tarnished himself.  He’s led by his heart, and with that trait, he makes some decisions that really should have been made with a level head.  But he’s such a romantic soul.  And when Mianna speaks in her unique poetic way, he’s just gone.
Tell us about the excerpt your leaving today.   
In this excerpt, Cole is troubled by something that came to light.  I can’t share what it was or it would give away too much.  But it effected how he viewed the love he and Mianna shared so long ago.  Nothing could dim his love for her, but the information weighed heavy on him.  
~ * ~
Adoration flowed from behind him, touching his senses. Slender hands smoothed his shirt to his waist and a soft form leaned to his back. His heart melted and he closed his eyes. Mianna. Unrest fled. Doubt disappeared. Once again, Mianna’s soul spoke to his as none other had or would. He lifted an arm to turn and hold her in his embrace.
Her brow wrinkled with worry. “You’ve been distant.”
Her soul’s call washed through him and he brushed her long hair with a gentle stroke. “I’m sorry, my love.”
She caressed his forehead with her fingertips, erasing the tension there.
“Hush thy worries. Still thy mind.
For within my arms,
love’s sweet bliss will heal thy soul.
Cares of life be gone.”
Cole rested his cheek on her soft locks, allowing her poetic tongue to sooth him.
“Whispers, wings of love’s caress,
light upon thy heart.
Gazes, speak of my soul’s want.
Body, sing their praise.”
She gently placed a hand to his cheek, guiding him to look into her eyes.
“I long. I pray thee touch me.
Carry forth my will.
Leave behind the world, my love.
Be this moment mine.”
Cole’s heart wrapped around her plea and the reality of her return filled his being. She was his. Now and forever. “This moment, my life, my existence is yours.” He cradled her face with his hands. “Every breath you take is a song to my soul.”
Her words fell to his lips in a hush. “Make love to me, Cole. I need to feel you still love me.”
The breath of Zephyr flowed freely and licorice and cream rode his whisper. “How could you ever doubt.”
He loves Mianna with his whole being.  Would do anything to keep her safe…and his. But Lord Dressen is determined to win her over one way or the other…to the point of obsession.
Really, these characters made it clear how they wanted their stories told.  Comments, quirks, personalities, they all came to light as the scenes unfolded.  I hope you fall in love with them as much as I have.
Cornerstone Deep Echoes is available is paperback and e-formats.  Here’s where you can get them:
CAB: (kindle)
CAB: (paperback)
And I would love you to join me on the web!  
The Chronicles of Shilo Manor series also has its own site where you can catch up on all things Shilo!  Fan Fare, Extras, downloadables—it’s all there.  Come on by! 
Charlene Wilson Bio
A writer of paranormal romance, Charlene loves what magic can add to relationships.  She currently lives in a small rural town in Arkansas and enjoys close family ties with her two beautiful daughters.  
Charlene’s interest in writing began in her early teens and she took any creative writing courses available.  As she married and started a family, she had to set aside her writing and focus on the more pressing matters of job and family.  
Many of the attitudes and personalities woven into her characters were taken from those she worked with while serving as a Deputy at a large detention center.  From kindness to bigotry, the variety of personal outlook was amazing.  As time now affords her, she is able to pursue her love of writing and incorporates those experiences into some of her work. 
Her first novel, Cornerstone Deep, was published in November 2010 by Class Act Books.  Her second, Cornerstone Deep Echoes, was released February 2012, also by Class Act Books.  The stories keep coming and she keeps typing.  On to the next!

Thanks so much for joining us today, Charlene. Yummy characters, excerpt. I’m sure Cornerstone Deep Echoes will be on everyone’s TBR list soon!

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  1. Thanks for having me here today, Sharon. Love the Jimmy Thomas banner. Lol.

    It really is a compliment to have someone repeat your story to those they love. I was so touched.

    Thanks for stopping by, Danielle. *waves and hugs*

  2. Hi Sharon *waves*…Hi Charlene! I get to see you two days in a row *giggles*
    Hugs Danielle…seeing you a few days in a row, too. This has been an awesome week for visiting.

    Congratulations, my friend…I'm so thrilled to see your second book release…it gives me hope for my own series. I think all of here are in the midst of writing a series.

    Hmmm-what's that saying about great minds think alike *grins*

    Hugs to all of you…now back to work for me.

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