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F is for Falling In Love

F is for Falling In Love!

Welcome to Day 6 of the A-Z Blog Challenge. I’m talking about a month of gratitude.

Where would we be without love? Do you remember that fuzzy feeling in your belly when you’ve just met that “special” person? You can’t sleep. You don’t want to eat. You run into things and say words you have never said before. You do things you never thought you would do, like go skydiving, go hot tubbing in the nude, wear a string bikini or don Mickey Mouse ears at Disneyland. You open the sunroof at night to watch the stars with the heater on full blast. You take more walks, hold hands, go see more movies. You smile a lot more.

In writing romance, I absolutely live for the scene when the hero and heroine meet. If I get that right, the whole book stands up and demands to be written. I mean, take no prisoners. Shout it from the highest hill. It makes me sing along to music in Safeway and do handstands on my shopping cart. I feel like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

Romance is defined by two things:
     1. The woman always wins
     2. There is always a happily ever after.

Fact is, I think reading romance novels is actually good for your health. We live in a world of harsh reality. What’s wrong with a little fantasy now and then? I’ve heard it said that great sex is between the ears. Do you doubt this in your own life?

You can call it animal attraction, or a divine gift from a father who only wants what is good and healthy for us. But falling in love, although invisible, can be measured by the actions it produces. I leave it up to your imagination.

Hey, it’s spring. Did you think all my posts on gratitude would be heavy? Let’s all get the heck knocked out of us by love. And feel grateful we can feel, we can love, we can have hope for a bright future with someone from our dreams.

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  1. Love your description of the fuzzy feeling in your belly! The heroines in my romance novels always get that feeling! And I agree with you that reading (and writing!) romance novels is a wonderful escape from 'real' life which so often doesn't have that 'happy ending'.

    1. Nice to see you Paula. We are so lucky, aren't we? And it's legal. No vows being dissed. So much fun to have a rich fantasy life. I think we have the best job on the planet…

      Come back again.

  2. Nice to see you Tara! You'll see your interview is still one of my all-time high posting spots on this blog. Welcome back, girl! You've been busy and falling in love with your writing. Your success is infectious (in a good way!).

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