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A is for Angel

Welcome to my first post in the 2012 A-Z Blog Challenge. I’ve decided to do a month of Gratitude, starting with the letter A.

Angels. I am sure there have been Guardian Angels watching over me for much of my life. That’s not to say things have been perfect. But whenever things were darkest, I had the feeling there was something other than a father figure watching over me. Something special, with intention. Something spiritual and magical all in one.

I started dreaming about Guardian Angels after our house burned down in 2008. Each night I would go to bed with the story and in the morning a vivid scene was just right there, waiting for me to write down. I began what would be the first of three Guardian Angel romances, two of which are now uploaded to Kindle and Nook.

I began wondering what it would be like for a Guardian to fall in love with a human. What would happen if this angelic being discovered she would rather be human, and battle the forces of good and evil in the human world, rather than in the vanilla world of Heaven? That her higher calling was, in fact, amongst the human population, and not the angelic realm.

And of course, what would it feel like for an angel to fall in love?

After our house was destroyed, my husband and I spent about 8 months in temporary quarters, first in a motel, and later in a small one bedroom apartment. Everything about my life changed after the fire. Almost everything I valued materially was destroyed.

But what came in their place were the angels and the angel stories. And though my possessions are gone forever, these stories will live long after I’m no longer here. They were a gift. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne. You are so right. I think angels are all around us, and appear to us in different forms, at just the right time. My husband thinks dogs are angels with fur…

  2. I really love your theme for the month. It's been on my mind a lot lately. Your Angel post is wonderful and gave me goosebumps. I'm glad you're doing ok, despite what happened in the past and you're able to find something wonderful from it. 🙂

    1. Someone once told me that fear comes when we forget all the good things in our life. Because I have to remember that constantly (we could focus on the negatives all day, right?), I have decided to spend a month being thankful.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. What a wise person you are. Starting every Monday with gratitude is a wonderful way to start every week. Just might have to become one of my very good habits, too.

  3. Great post! It is so nice to hear that you can take a traumatic event and grow and learn from it. I really enjoyed your post!

  4. Such a touching and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

    A To Z Challenge

    1. Nutschell, I've been following you since last year's A-Z blog. You are so right about the angels. I'm sure the nice hunky one is winking at you right now, and can't wait until you write his story!

  5. I think it's appropriate that your blogging challenge begins with Angels momma because they started this writing craze of yours! So…really, it's like it was meant to be!! Love it. Love you. Miss you. Love you more.


    1. Thanks, sweetie. You are one of my real flesh and blood angels. I was blessed to have you in my arms for the first time on Easter Sunday. That says it all…

      For those of you who might see this post and don't know, Jaime's blog is at the upper right of my blog page: Traveling Teacher, about her experiences teaching in China.

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