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M is for Marliss Melton

We live in an exciting time and place. Because of the internet, I have been able to forge friendships with people I might never meet. Luckily for me, sometimes I get that rare opportunity to meet a truly inspirational person, a fellow traveler on this writing journey. And she writes about Navy SEALs, like I do.

I can remember the evening I picked up that first book of hers, I think it was Forget Me Not. I had never read a military romance, and I’d just come from the San Francisco Writer’s Conference and someone did a panel on genres. I think it was Brenda Novak who told me about military romance, and recommended Marliss and Suzanne Brockman. I bought Marliss’ book first, and I was hooked.

Up until that day, all my reading had been classics,
with a healthy dose of paranormal. I was an avid fan of Diana Gabaldon, but Anne Rice was my obsession, until the latter books, when my tastes shifted. Marliss opened the door to the SEAL community I knew a little about already, and I dipped my toe in the water, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Just like anything, when one person does something, it makes it easier for others to follow. She has her heroes too. She also has a loyal following, like me, wherever she goes. It is truly an honor and a priviledge to call her friend.

None of us write in a vacuum. Yes, we compete for the same reader dollar, but not really. We give a few hours of enjoyment to people, but it takes us way more than a few hours to write a good book, have it edited and get it out to the public. So, of course, there are other writers who write the same genre and their success leads to all our success, collectively.

There are so many opportunities for writers these days. The great Diedre Knight spoke at our SF RWA meeting on Saturday. She was excited by the possibilities out there. Our future is indeed bright. Lots of stories to tell, and, thank God, lots of vehicles of delivery.

What we bring will always be in style, no matter what goes on in the world. We bring fantasy and healing to a world in need of it. There simply isn’t a better job in the universe. I sometimes forget, but for today, I remember all of it.

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  1. When i read i go to places that i didnt know i wanted to go. Thats why i like to keep my options open today SEALs, tomorrow Vamps, and another day it might by a cowboy. As long as its got a good story and an excellent hero, i can put up with a dippy heroine now and then. But i do like to fall for my heroes, just so i can read them again

  2. Julie, I'm with you. I go for the hunks I wanna fall in love with. Doesn't matter where or when, just that they are heroic and love-worthy, or, worthy of my love, anyway. And of course also look for stories that have the healing power of true love, so that these hunks could never get "there" without the women in their lives. In that way, it almost doesn't matter how the women are written, as long as they inspire their man.

  3. It was such a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sharon. We truly are kindred spirits! And like we said to each other, no single author could possibly satisfy all the readers out there, so it behooves us to share readers, in order to keep them all satisfied. Blessing to you until we meet again…which will be in two weeks at the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City, MO!

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