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Needed a break today and took myself down to my favorite coffee place, walking by my favorite lingerie shop. I’ve shopped there in the past – you know – one of those places where the nice German lady comes into the dressing room and lectures me on “the girls” and the proper form for wearing a bra, except I am rather large chested, and when she’s done, I beg her to buy a size larger so I don’t feel like a trussed turkey. But no, she likes to fit me tight, and she reaches in and does — well you can get the picture.

I bought a nice red outfit for my hubby last Valentine’s. I love my husband dearly. Dearly, Madly, Deeply, like the title of Hannah Jayne’s book. But for an engagement present I got a bicycle. Some Valentine’s Days I’ve gotten orange carnations. I have to say the gentleman knows how to please me now, and I’m lucky he still tries after all those (no I’m not going to say it) years. And he now gets me flowers. And he provides for me and my crazy ways like no one else ever could. Something delicious about a man who sticks around when you are at your worst, as well as your best. Easy to stick around when things are good. Really hard to keep together when those dark days come. We all get them. And we know the sun is just around the corner, too. I’ve learned to trust in things I cannot see, measure and treasure my faith. And my love.
My romance themes are True Love Heals In The Gardens Of The Heart. I like it, but it isn’t sexy enough to use anywhere. So good. It’s mine, and now it’s yours. But it’s what I write. I do believe in the healing power of love, and it is the theme of all my stories. Men and women find each other, and they transform into their higher, better selves as a result of that meeting. I believe in love at first sight. Love that lasts forever (and I love the title of my new paranormal super bundle, Immortal Valentines-my Valentine’s gift to you for just a week). Love is stronger than hate. Quieter than hate. Never lies, and always forgives. And sometimes you have to live without it. Love is so important the Bible devotes a chapter to it.

My folks were married over 55 years before my mother passed. And then, at 80, my father fell in love again and had another ten wonderful years with my now new mother. And she loved him and our family enough to give us all another ten years we would have not had with my dad. He was ready to die without the love of his life. But, and I said this at his funeral, even though my mother had died, he finally came to the conclusion that he wasn’t yet ready to give up being a father, grandfather or a husband. And so he set out and accomplished that. We are all the richer for it. 

See? You thought we were going to talk about steamy romance novels. I’m talking about love and the healing power of love.

My stories are my love letters to you. In a perfect world, we’d walk down the beach together, or take a hike in the rain forest in Washington, we’d sail on a blue ocean or sit and sip beers listening to beautiful music. You and I can’t do all those things. And so we have to pretend. 

And for just a little while, all the world is as it should be. The equipment works and the paint’s not chipped. People are safe and out of harm’s way. There is a happily ever after.

And true love heals in the gardens of the heart, because that’s what I wrote.


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  1. Another marvellous post Sharon. The power of love is definitely something to cherish. Sometimes it works in mysterious ways

  2. Thank you for this beautiful and poignant post Sharon. Thank you for the love letters that you write to us. I so agree with you. Everything begins and ends with the amazing power of love. True love certainly does heal in the gardens of our hearts. True love can conquer any problems we may be dealing with in life. Love is endlessly abiding and always there for us when we are aware of our higher self and our true nature. When I become distracted in life or unhappy about a particular situation, I always come to realize that I have hit the pause button on the love in my heart and have allowed fear to take over. Love is always the answer to resetting my compass in life and clarifying my direction. Love always forgives and love will always see us through. Love is my purpose and thank you for putting it all in perspective in your writing today. Without love there can be no happy ending.I prefer happy endings.

  3. You are so right, Julie. All kinds of love. But it does heal. Eventually finds a way and heals. Sometimes it is mysterious – and that's what makes great stories, too! Nice seeing you here as usual. Thank you.

  4. Thanks, J.D. I know you get what I'm saying and we've shared these thoughts as we've discussed our books. I also believe in happy endings. The journeys are interesting, though, right? But you are so right, we have to have faith that all will turn out and with love in your heart, it is a hug leap of faith. And I think that's why it works. Fear is a cold lump of coal that sucks the marrow out of life. Pure evil. Love is the opposite of that.

    You are the perfect storyteller for my love letters. Thank you for all you've done and given to me.

  5. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your newsletter.
    You are very fortunate to have been married to the love of your
    life. Enjoy!!
    Happy Valentines Day

  6. Thank you for you being you and sharing so much love with us. Love is precious. So many people don't realize it's work too you can't just say your in love and expect it to last. Your marriage is a testament to you and your husband's love and work to keep it alive. Wish more people would work on it instead of just giving up. Thanks for making my Sunday's better <3

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