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SUNDAYS WITH SHARON: The Practice of Love

I was talking to my friend recently, and we both admitted we got married because we were totally in lust. We were laughing about how many of our early days of marriage we spent in bed. I can remember my husband saying, “But we have to get something done, Sharon.” My internal thought was, “why?” LOL. How times change. I cherish those years and I cherish the young bride I was and how I viewed the world. We would never get old, we would live forever. Everything would always be exciting and would turn out perfect. Our love would sustain us through thick and thin, if not by the sheer power of sex!

Don’t get me wrong, I highly recommend this way of getting together, but love has become so much more for me. In addition to the physicality of making love, the long term friendship and the practice of being in love is what I’ve come to understand and fully appreciate. That is what sustains me today.

Over the years we learn to bend. Being married can be a lot of work sometimes. There are highs and lows. I’m remembering the line from Good Will Hunting when Robin Williams talks about his wife, and how there were ups and downs, and, with a smile he said, “the year she died was one of those good ones.” I watch couples who talk over dinner and hold hands, at any age. They practice communication and show affection. This is the miracle of love.

The Practice of Love is like a meditation in doing for someone else. We find it easy to do when we love our children. Some would say it’s just a natural love. Sometimes loving our partner doesn’t feel that natural. And that’s when the practice of sharing love comes in. Something simple, but something every day. The practice reminds us that our love isn’t how we feel, but how we act.

In the end, being loveable isn’t about bodies or sex, although I think it’s important to enjoy those things at any age. Being loveable is being worthy of love. And we are worthy of love when we give it away.

And when we give it away with our full heart, it grows and comes back to us ten-fold. Now who said there were no such things as miracles?

I spent Valentine’s Day in labor with this little one. He was born on February 15th, today, so many years ago, and was the first of our four children. It was a magical time in my life and something I’m so grateful for having experienced.

So I guess I’d say the Practice of Love is more than sex or passion, or births or families. Love is who we are. Our constant friend, throughout all the phases of our life.

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  1. You just gave me the shivers! I have never heard it written more succinctly. "The practice of love is like a meditation in doing for someone else". So true Sharon. Those who practice love and give it, truly experience the miracle of love. I don't know anyone who gives more love than you. So many people do NOT understand this concept, this philosophy. I believe that explains why the masses are unhappy and have an unfulfilled life. You must give love with no expectation. Miraculously, then it returns to us ten-fold just as you stated. I have found this to be true throughout my life. Thank you for sharing your heart today through your magical words of wisdom and abiding love. BTW, I absolutely LOVE the pictures you shared. It's a wonderful life, isn't it?

  2. Our journey through life takes us on exciting and heart breaking walks on loves path. Nice posts Sharon makes you think

  3. When JD Hart or Sharon Hamilton make a comment, it's like reading a book, such inspiring words that you don't want the story to end. We love, we glow and it certainly shows, love is very hard to hide. Thanks for sharing your heart today, and yes, It's a wonderful life.

  4. Oh, so nice I get to have you spend more time with me today on this post. I so value your time, and the connection we have. Yes, indeed, it is a wonderful life. Never perfect, but just like us. And life glows because we allow our love to glow. Sharing it is all what it's about… Thank you my friend. I cherish every word, every minute we get to spend together doing this crazy thing we do!! Love it. So happy you are in my life.

  5. Your posts always make me smile and think. Many people don't realize that marriage is work and that is not just about love. It's work like anything in life and many people think it's gonna be so easy once you are married.

  6. another great post Sharon. Such a great picture of you and your son. Happy bday to him.
    I think the best part of practising love and giving is to see the smiles and joy of the recipient. It is the best reward. Little things that we do every day to let that special person know.

  7. You are so right. There's much we all can complain about. But giving love just lightens the load, doesn't it? Nice to know we matter, even if it's in a small way, to someone else, and have the power to brighten their day. The real miracle of giving, finding love, in all its forms. Thanks for stopping by.

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